A souvenir-seeking major general reportedly abandoned American allies in Kabul

One of the iconic images of America's disgraceful retreat from Afghanistan was a night-vision photograph of Major General Christopher Donahue boarding a C-17 Globemaster III, the very last American paratrooper to leave Afghanistan.  Square-jawed and upright, he looked like the personification of those brave Americans who fought, bled, and died in Afghanistan for 20 years.  RedState, however, has exclusive information that Donahue is just as bad as the other Obama/Biden generals: he allegedly kicked 50–100 genuine American allies off the plane, leaving them to almost certain death, so he could load a big souvenir to take home.

First, to refresh your recollection, here's that picture of Major General Donahue, presumably after ensuring that everyone under his care was safe, heading home to America:

According to RedState's exclusive report, though, Donahue had some important business to take care of before boarding that plane: he needed to squeeze on a souvenir — and "inoperable Taliban-owned Toyota Hilux with a fully operational Russian ZU-23 anti-aircraft autocannon mounted in the bed."  Doing that violated standing orders against taking war trophies, but heck, people often bend those rules, right?

But does everyone who bends them leave 50–100 American allies behind to make room in the plane for a war trophy and, worse, apparently hand their information over to the Taliban?  According to RedState's informants, that's what Donahue did:

During the last hours of the evacuation, according to troops under his command and as documented by photographs and witness statements, Donahue ordered all of the passengers aboard a C-17 transport plane to disembark so he could have a souvenir loaded onto the plane. [snip.] Once the Hilux was loaded passengers were allowed back on the plane, but, of course, there wasn't room for all of them. According to troops on the scene, at least 50 people and perhaps as many as 100 people were left at Kabul to make room for the Hilux.

It is believed that many of those left behind have been or will be killed by the Taliban, in part because of information allegedly provided to Taliban commanders by Donahue himself. 

RedState also reveals that multiple sources confirmed that Donahue's contact with the Taliban wasn't limited to bidding them farewell.

These sources say that Donahue provided the Taliban with a full manifest of passengers aboard the flights including passport information, photos, and biometric information for those passengers. The flights included US troops, Afghans who were employed by the Department of Defense, key human intelligence (HUMINT) assets, and other SIV applicants and their families.

There are more details about Donahue's conduct here.

Beginning immediately after 9/11, the American military became America's most respected institution — an almost seamlessly racially integrated military made up of America's sons and daughters (mostly sons), standing strong in the fight against the same people who imagined a worldwide caliphate made possible with massive American civilian deaths.  Sure, Obama got into the White House attacking them as baby-killers, but most Americans knew better.  Our troops were the good guys.

And you know what?  Our troops are, for the most part, still the good guys.  It's the military brass, the people put into place at the highest levels by the Obama and Biden administrations, who are a craven, corrupt, even evil bunch — and I say that even though I know all of them have greater physical courage in their little fingers than I have in my whole body.  Their problem isn't physical courage.  It's that they seemingly have no moral decency to speak of.  And in the rogue's gallery that is today's military brass, Donahue just took a place of "honor."

Image: Major General Christopher Donahue leaving Afghanistan.  Twitter screen grab.

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