Et tu, Walmart?

I'm not a fan of Walmart because buying from Walmart means buying from China.  Therefore, I try to shop there as infrequently as possible, although sometimes there are no alternatives (as happened today when I spilled 20 ounces of iced tea onto my ergonomic keyboard, necessitating an emergency Walmart run).  When I returned from Walmart, I learned of yet another reason I want to avoid the place: beginning in 2018, Walmart went all-in on Critical Race Theory, teaching its low-paid hourly workers that the U.S. is institutionally a "white supremacist system" complete with "internalized racial superiority."

Ironically, Walmart, which rich leftist snobs nastily associate with poor White America and which gets most of its product from the incredibly racist nation of China, contracted with a virulently racist CRT provider to teach its employees race-hatred.  (It will help you understand what's going on here if, every time you see or even think about the acronym "CRT," you translate it to "KKK."  The colors are different; the racial prejudice, stereotyping, and deep hatred are all the same.)

Here, in its entirety, is Christopher Rufo's thread about Walmart's disgraceful — and illegal (so I really hope someone brings a class action suit) — conduct:

Bless Rufo for making the point I invariably make about these woke companies, which is that management is grossly hypocritical.  Here, as everywhere, the institution's management is White and has no intention of giving up its privilege.  And it's not just CEO Doug McMillon.  At Walmart, most of the people in leadership are lily-white, with just a handful of Blacks, East Asian Indians, and Asians — and as best as I can tell, no Hispanics at all.  I'm sure all would be appalled at the suggestion that they should hand their jobs, bank accounts, homes, and kids' college funds to the deserving minorities harmed by their ostentatious White privilege.

As for me, next time I need an emergency Chinese-made keyboard replacement, I'll make the much longer drive to Office Depot — although as things are going now, I expect to learn that every big corporation in America has been purveying this disgusting racist garbage.

Image: Walmart’s mostly White leadership.

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