Bad news for Joe Biden: Public has soured on his big government expansion

Joe Biden — a politician with a long history as a liar, prevaricator, plagiarist, machine pol, pocket-liner, political weather vane, election cheat, and general eff-up — has one idea and one idea alone now that he's president: to expand big government.  For him, there's nothing that can't be solved with money.  He denies there are costs.

You can see it in his multiple stimulus bills and bailouts that got through thus far, but also in his biggest granddaddy of them all — his $3.5-trillion government spending "reconciliation" bill he's trying to shove through Congress — expanding government into free college, the Green New Deal, freebies for illegals, free child care plus no-questions-asked child tax credits, subsidized prescription drugs, and more.

There's news for him, from CNN's Chris Cillizza, of all people:

Biden's policy agenda — from the $1 trillion "hard" infrastructure bill to the as-yet-unpriced social safety net package — would, if passed, fundamentally alter the relationship we have with government.

In short: The era of small government (such as it ever existed) would be over. The era of expansive government would begin.

Except that a majority of Americans don't want more government in their lives, according to new data from Gallup.

In the poll, just 43% said they wanted government to "do more to solve the country's problems," while 54% said they thought that government "is doing too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses."

That's a MAJOR shift in public opinion from where we were just one year ago, when 54% — a record high in Gallup polling — said they wanted government to do more to solve the country's problems.

So basically, Joe Biden's bet the farm — his presidential legacy — on something of which the public has had a bellyful.

What's more, it's a sharp shift, closely related to all the public has seen of Biden in action, which is evident enough in his collapsing poll numbers.  The more they see of Biden, the less they like what he's pushing.

That corresponds with another poll, which shows that the more the public learns about Biden's spending plans, the less they like them.

A lot of that has a lot to do with what they've seen of Joe Biden so far: the colossal failure of the Afghanistan pullout, including the callous abandonment of Americans in that hellhole.  The open border, now drawing in literally millions from nearly every country on the globe, with millions in taxpayer cash spent to fly illegals around the country to their destinations of choice.  The port backup off the California coast, which has led to more than half a million stranded, stalled cargo ships — and empty shelves at retailers.  The intrusive COVID vaccination measures — which prevent those who say "no" to it from participating in any meaningful way in society.  The school closures and the forcing of little kids to wear masks even as science dictates against it.  Critical Race Theory, the hate-and-blame racism-obsessed philosophy that is as loathed among minorities as much as whites, foisted upon the public.  Corruption out the wazoo — from CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky's jumping through hoops for Big Labor unions to Hunter Biden's big-dollar art sales, a likely vehicle for influence-peddling and bribes — with impunity.  Inflation rearing its head in amounts unseen since the 1970s — with gas, meat, spare parts, used cars, and other prices soaring.  Social media censorship for sure, given social media's revolving door with big government.  And election fraud, lots of election fraud, with any measure to make elections fairer and less easy to cheat denounced as Bull Connor racism.  And don't forget those petty protesters who made a stink at the Capitol on Jan. 6 are still in jail, while school shooters, shoplifters, muggers, subway pushers, anti-Asian and anti-Semitic hate-crimers, and other thugs simply walk free.

Biden's big government has also brought freaks and incompetents to the fore in positions of real power — his Bureau of Land Management chief has a history of involvement in domestic terrorism.  His Justice Department civil rights chief has a history of anti-Semitism.  A senior White House adviser had a history of admiring Mao.  A comptroller of the currency nominee favors the Soviet, not the American system — and wants the government to control all banks.  Others have shown their malevolence while in office — Attorney General Merrick Garland, who's fixated on arresting parents who speak out at school board meetings as domestic terrorists, and Homeland Security chief Alex Mayorkas, who's releasing tens of thousands of illegal aliens into the country while demonizing Border Patrol agents as racists and gaslighting the public about no crisis.  His interior and transportation secretaries, meanwhile, are known ignorant doofuses.

It's big government — all of these calamities are big government, from a government that's quite unfit for the task.  Government expansion is now the Joe Biden agenda, as if throwing more money at a ravenous failed monster is going to make it better.  It's not a surprise the public is rejecting more of it.  And sure enough, Joe wants more of it.  More IRS agents peering into our bank accounts for piddly amounts.  More masks, more permanent lockdowns.  More Critical Race Theory.  More control of elections and censorship of the press.  Biden wants it all and won't stop there.  You can bet that if he gets his porkulus reconciliation bill through, he's not going to be satisfied.  His next move will be to obtain even more.

It's pathetic.  It's disgusting.  It can never be satisfied.  And the more power it has, the more damage it does.  It's unaccountable.  It's ravenous.  And now even Chris Cillizza sees a Biden political death knell coming of it.  Cillizza is a liberal who generally states the party line about various things, but he's no robot.  When even he sees problems for Joe Biden in this shift in public sentiment, it's pretty obvious he sees a red wave coming.  It can't come soon enough.

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