Catastrophic crash in polling numbers for Biden and the Dems

Is it really a surprise that a formal move toward police repression of its political opponents – siccing the FBI on critics of Critical Race Theory – is coming from the chief law enforcement officer of the Biden regime? The latest polling indicates that the already low public approval of the Biden presidency is declining further.

The prospects for any improvement in these numbers are poor. We have a massive wave of inflation ahead, with gasoline and natural gas both rapidly increasing in price, and both hard to cut back on. The chaos of the surrender to the Taliban augurs for more political humiliation ahead, with China potentially taking advantage of the weakness of the Biden administration. Crime has skyrocketed in cities that Democrats control. None of these factors will improve the numbers for Biden or his party.

The term “crisis of confidence” has been in play for at least a month as the failures mount and the incompetence becomes undeniable. Yesterday, Quinnipiac released its latest numbers:

President Joe Biden receives a negative 38 - 53 percent job approval rating, the lowest score he's received from the American people on his job performance since taking office, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea- ack) University national poll of adults released today. In Quinnipiac's last national poll released 3 weeks ago, he received a negative 42 - 50 percent job approval rating.

Today, Republicans (94 - 4 percent) and independents (60 - 32 percent) disapprove of the job Biden is doing, while Democrats approve 80 - 10 percent.

Going deeper into the issues, Biden and the Dems are underwater on just about everything:

  • the response to the coronavirus: 48 percent approve, while 50 percent disapprove;
  • the economy: 39 percent approve, while 55 percent disapprove;
  • his job as Commander in Chief of the U.S. military: 37 percent approve, while 58 percent disapprove;
  • taxes: 37 percent approve, while 54 percent disapprove;
  • foreign policy: 34 percent approve, while 58 percent disapprove;
  • immigration issues: 25 percent approve, while 67 percent disapprove;
  • the situation at the Mexican border: 23 percent approve, while 67 percent disapprove.

The most devastating figure has to be this:

More than half of Americans say 55 - 42 percent that the Biden administration is not competent in running the government.

Even CNN, a lapdog for the Democrats, sees this new number as “brutal”:

The only issue on which Biden has a (barely) favorable rating is his emotional stance toward average people, and even here the rate of decline is terrible for him:

[Biden] cares about average Americans: 49 percent say yes, while 48 percent say no, compared to 58 - 37 percent yes in April;

It’s not just Quinnipiac. Five days ago, Hot Air reported on the Associated Press/NORC poll numbers and found that the Democrats’ key constituency, Blacks, is losing confidence:

[W]ith Black voters, one of the key demographics he relied on in 2020, his support absolutely tanked, dropping from 86% to 64%. 

It has been a truism for many years that without 90% Black support, it is almost impossible for Democrats to win national elections.

Biden is damaging the Democrat party itself, as Newsweek, mining the same Gallup data, reports:

Gallup polling put the Democratic Party's favorability rating at 43 percent, down from 48 percent in January. The party's unfavorability rating, from polling conducted September 1 to 17, has increased to 55 percent from 48 percent in January.

At the same time, Biden's latest approval ratings from Gallup have dropped to the lowest of his term thus far. "Biden's loss of popularity, primarily among independents, is likely a factor in the lower favorable ratings of his party," said Gallup's analysis of its results.

But for the lowest of the low, one naturally turns to Kamala Harris, who in ordinary circumstances would be regarded as the likely party nominee to succeed the ancient and rapidly declining Biden, before or after the next presidential election in 2024.

Convention of States Action, in partnership with The Trafalgar Group—one of America’s most accurate pollsters in 2016, 2018 and 2020—is releasing the results of a new national survey. Results were from surveys conducted September 29th through October 1st of over 1,000 likely 2022 election voters.

“These numbers signal clearly that the American people see Vice President Harris’ management of the southern border crisis as an unmitigated disaster. The Biden Administration is bungling this crisis beyond what most people could have imagined,” said Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action. “Once again, the solution is strong leadership from governors and state legislators who care about their constituents and are not confused as to who is in charge, the people who voted them into office.” (snip)

  • 74.9 percent of American voters say Vice President Kamala Harris has done a poor job with the southern border crisis since President Biden put her in charge in March of 2021.
  • 5.9 percent say she has done a fair job.
  • 6.4 percent say she has done a good job.
  • 12.8 percent say she has done an excellent job.


  • 54.6 percent of Democrat voters say Vice President Kamala Harris has done a poor job with the southern border crisis since President Biden put her in charge in March of 2021.
  • 80.3 percent of Independent voters say Vice President Kamala Harris has done a poor job with the southern border crisis since President Biden put her in charge in March of 2021.
  • 93.7 percent of Republican voters say Vice President Kamala Harris has done a poor job with the southern border crisis since President Biden put her in charge in March of 2021..

With their electoral prospects so terrible, the Democrats seem to be contemplating non-democratic means of staying in power.  Democrat governors across the country have employed “emergency” decrees to grab undreamed-of powers. To tyrants and those who want a permanent grasp on the levers of power, this is addictive, like crack.

As Biden would (and often does) exclaim, “No joke!”

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (cropped) CC BY-SA 2.0 license

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