Can facts be misinformation?

Here's an actual, true fact for you: "misinformation" is the new "in" meme, a label for whatever inconveniently true, accurate fact those in authority don't want to let people see or contemplate.  When an entire county colludes to create "misinformation" from facts, as Contra Costa County in California is doing, in the furtherance of the county's agenda (in this case, vaccinate everyone because if we do, it will "end COVID"), there's a problem.  It has now labeled disseminating actual facts a "public health crisis."  Doing so queues us up for the next step, turning our most informed and knowledgeable citizens into criminals.  The "whereas" clauses do stop short of penalties...for the moment.

It's the same thing with parents being called terrorists for objecting to actual, objectionable facts at school board meetings.  Did you ever watch the parent who mortified the Loudoun County, Va. school board by reading aloud from one of the sexually explicit books 9th-graders were given as "texts" in school?

Or maybe you caught the interview with Scott Smith on Laura Ingraham's show.  He's the father arrested at a school board meeting — we all saw the video of his shocking arrest back when it happened.

What we didn't know was that this man's 9th-grade daughter had been raped and sodomized in the girl's bathroom by a 15-year-old boy calling himself a girl last May.  Her parents attended the meeting to ask the school board why they swept it under the rug.  They didn't let Smith talk, and then they called the cops to cart him away.  Now we know — but only because the boy was moved to a different school and did it again, and this time, he got caught.

I used to think those news stories of men "grooming" children to be sexual objects in the British Pakistani immigrant community were unfathomable.  Hah!  What we are doing to our girls with this transgender BS is just the same, but under the thin veneer of "equity."

Doesn't anyone realize how such things ruin girls' lives?  Where are the advocates?  Oh, turns out they are all about the politics of advocacy, without the underpinnings of compassion or real concern.  It's all about them, not the girls they have objectified, then thrown away.

So what if all that work for Title IX, giving girls' sports a modicum of respect, and girls the chance for scholarships to college, becomes meaningless?  So what if girls are raped in the bathroom or the locker room?  For that matter, so what if the parents of children encouraged to "change sexes" because it's trendy, say "no"?  I could rant on, but then I'd be doing what I'm accusing others of, which is railing without presenting any solutions.  The only solution is to be loud, be heard, be relentless, and firmly reject the pressure to conform.

Does any of this remind you of the immigration crisis?  How many of the girls are raped on that journey?  If it furthers the left's agenda, who cares about the kids?

We've totally lost our way in this country.  I've started yelling at the TV (or just turning it off) every time a pol comes on and mouths the same platitudes yet again, all full of righteous indignation that gets echoed by the host.  How many times must we hear a regurgitation of all the stuff that's patently wrong, with not a single action item for how to fix any of it, other than "just you wait for the midterms"?  We all know what's wrong.  We get it!  We can't wait that long and still have our country!

The things our allegedly liberty-oriented representatives could actually do now?  How about demanding, loudly and incessantly, that Joe Biden take the same cognitive test Trump took?  Also having QueMala take it?  Are they afraid that both will fail?  Maybe make a plan for that!

How about stopping all congressional cooperation, period?  Why even consider budget bills so awful that if they're passed, they'll ruin the entire middle class of our country?  You can't have hyperinflation in a stagnant economy like ours.  The cost of living goes sky-high; wages can't keep up; and, eventually, the balloon must pop.

What about insisting that we enforce the laws they passed on immigration?  Censure and, yes, jail apparatchiks who defy the laws Congress already passed?  Including Cabinet members!

The losers right now are the American people.  The winners are the ever-richer tech billionaires; the Nancy Pelosis of this world; and greedy, corrupt "evildoers" everywhere.  That little phrase may be the only good thing to ever come from the mouth of a Bush.

The Republi-crats might as well be all in with Joe the dim.  They can't muster up enough chutzpah to act in the interest of the people of the United States.  Period.

Image: Censorship (edited) by Bermix Studio.  Unsplash License.

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