'Black Lives Matter' would more accurately be called 'Black Votes Matter'

North Carolina's Republican lieutenant governor, Mark Robinson, found himself in the crosshairs of the LGBT mafia for daring to say that gay, transgender, and pedophilic porn in school libraries is filth.  They responded as leftists always do when a Black person dares to oppose them: with unhinged racial attacks.

Gay porn has been creeping into America's public schools since the beginning of the Obama administration.  Last year, there was a perfect storm that finally made American parents aware of what was going on.  That storm was the coming together of Zoom learning for kids because of COVID; the upsurge of Critical Race Theory because of George Floyd's death; and transgender madness, which piggybacks on other "civil rights" matters.

Made aware that many schools were going far beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic, parents started delving into what was in classrooms and libraries, and they were shocked.  Last month, an explosive school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia, highlighted gay porn in the schools' libraries.

Once made aware of this problem, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson investigated what was in North Carolina's schools.  He discovered the exact same gay porn, right down to a graphic novel with completely uncensored gay sodomy scenes involving pedophilia.  There was also material encouraging elementary-school children to embrace the mental illness that is transgenderism.

Robinson rightly called that material "filth."  As a reminder, in all American states, exposing minors to pornography is a felony — yet our schools get away with it by asserting that it's "educational" because it helps kids' "self-esteem," so anyone who objects is guilty of "homophobia" or "transphobia" (proving yet again that the best defense is a good offense).

As was to be expected, leftists are ferociously attacking Robinson.  They cannot afford to have someone expose that they are sexualizing young children — something that may well have to do with one of the next agenda items for the extremists in the LGBT movement, and that's pedophilia.

Mainstreaming pedophilia started as a small movement in the 1970s.  I still remember flyers around the U.C. Berkeley campus from the North American Man/Boy Love Association.  Back then, even at Cal, everyone who saw the pamphlets was disgusted.

Now NAMBLA has its own website and, along with other groups and individuals, is relentlessly pushing to gain sympathy for pedophilia.  (I'm loath to search for this information, since I know the government is spying on our searches, and I don't particularly want to get swept into some pedophile sting.  I know, though, that I've seen articles in mainstream publications on this subject.)

But back to Robinson...

Robinson refused to apologize for calling gay porn in school libraries "filth" and published on Facebook a video detailing the kind of material he was describing in his original speech.

The attacks against Robinson from the left have been horrific.  If you watch this video, you will hear phone messages and see emails that are so obscene and vile it will make you sick:

Those messages are a reminder that leftists are the most vicious racists in America.  They don't really believe that Black Lives Matter.  They believe that Black Votes Matter.  Those Blacks who support them politically are treated with slavish sycophancy.  But if you're Black and don't toe the party line, you will get race-based insults that would have done Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd proud during his days as an Exalted Cyclops in the KKK.

You can find here a small collection of race-based cartoons from the left against Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, and Ben Carson.  It's obvious that the vitriol directed against Robinson is standard operating procedure when Blacks have the temerity to advocate policies that are contrary to the leftist agenda.

Robinson's experience reveals the fatal flaw in the choice that American leftists made to abandon economic schisms as their way to achieve power and, instead, to use identity group politics.  Once you've created a huge collection of disparate victim groups, you'll discover that they dislike each other intensely.  It's like the victim group version of the old Kingston Trio's "Merry Little Minuet" song.

Among leftists, transgenders and gays hate women, Blacks and Hispanics hate each other, Palestinian activists and Blacks hate the Jews, LBGTers hate Blacks (who aren't sympathetic to their cause).  The only group that America's leftists all hate with equal ferocity is straight, White, non-leftist men.  If conservatives were smart, they'd figure out a way to exploit these internal schisms and destroy the political left once and for all.

Image: Mark Robinson and race hatred from the left.  YouTube screen grab.

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