Biden's latest immigration policy may be his worst yet

The Biden administration just publicly announced that it will end Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents' workplace enforcement.  This is a clear signal to employers to hire illegal aliens instead of legal U.S. residents because employers know they can pay the illegals substandard wages.  As a result, illegals won't just be taking jobs that Americans supposedly don't want.  They will push legally paid American workers out of jobs those American workers need to feed their families.

That will drive those fired American citizens onto welfare.  Democrats love handcuffing workers to welfare because it gives them more control, especially at election time.  After all, if the Democrats are giving you money to sit home and watch TV, why vote for someone who expects you to work?!

Hiring illegals is against federal law, but DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas's illegal policy change also creates an unfair criminal business advantage for companies hiring illegals.  Since companies illegally hiring low-cost aliens can produce their goods and services more cheaply than companies paying legal wages to American citizens, those illegally operating companies have a huge business advantage over ethically and legally operating employers.

Bottom line: Mayorkas, the man who technically ensures that the border is secure, just greenlighted the employment abuse of both American citizens and illegal aliens.  American citizens will lose their jobs to illegals, while the illegals will earn unlawfully low wages.  At the same time, he encouraged American companies to violate federal law by hiring illegals.  This is a unique accomplishment for the Biden team.  Rarely does one action violate three laws, but this is a trifecta transgression by this administration.

This is also a change from typical Biden policies.  In most cases, the Biden-Harris administration implements policies that punish American citizens and our friends to benefit our enemies.  As an example, the Bidenistas continue to undercut and disarm Israel while at the same time the Taliban sells highly sophisticated U.S. weapons to Iran.  I'm sure you have not forgotten that the mullahs openly call for the destruction of Israel and all Jews.  Now the weapons Biden abandoned in Afghanistan will help Iran accomplish just that.

But this new policy is different.  No one benefits.  Rather than hurting us while helping our enemies, as Biden's policies usually do, this new policy hurts everyone.  Americans get fired, while illegals get abused.

Isn't Biden's America great?  Biden and Harris, now known in D.C. as Mumbles and Giggles, must be so proud.

Ed Sherdlu is the pen name of a former CBS television network reporter.  He uses a pen name because his mother would be so embarrassed to know that Ed's 12-Step Journalism Recovery Program was a failure.

Image: ICE rounds up illegal aliens in Texas in 2018.  YouTube screen grab.

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