Biden’s bio-weapon? Migrants and refugees

“Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) introduced H.R. 1897, the Requiring Every Alien Receive a COVID-19 Test (REACT) Act, on March 16, 2021. Under the resolution, the Department of Homeland Security would be required to test all migrants illegally crossing the border for COVID-19 if the department plans on releasing them into America.”  

Naturally, the Democrats blocked any vote on the bill even though, despite Fauci’s psychopathic claims to the contrary, at least 20% of those entering the country illegally are sick with covid.   Sheriff Brad Coe of Kinney Country, Texas, has said the migrants are afflicted with numerous diseases long ago eradicated here in the US; leprosy, for example, measles and chickenpox. He has been begging Governor Abbott for months to send in the National Guard to no avail.  

Fauci, of course, has not visited the border and most likely avoids any reporting and/or film of the crisis there. Fauci sees no connection between the spread of the virus and immigration.

 “This is not driven by immigrants. This is a problem in our country, just as it is a problem in other countries around the world,” said the expert on infectious diseases. Having not seen an actual patient in forty years, he has no idea what he’s talking about.  This from the man who claims any disagreement from his narrative is a denial of science.  This from the man who very likely had a hand in developing the virus.  

But there is no doubt that the migrants are bringing diseases with them that will be spread to American citizens.   In the meantime, our hapless, robotic (perhaps trans-human)  DHS Secretary continues to hamper any enforcement of our border security.  

So drunk with his own perceived power is Fauci  that he somberly warned that “it is too soon to say if it’ll be safe for people to gather together for Christmas.”  He walked that comment back the next day; it may well be the administration’s plan but they do not want it known just yet.  Either that or it is beginning to dawn on them that the American people, sheep though millions of them may be, will not stand for canceling Christmas.

There are many articles about migrants bringing dangerous diseases published before Biden became president, but corporate media interest has waned.  What was allowable when Trump was president is not permissible while Biden is pretending to be president.  Our media cares not one bit for our health or the truth.  It is wholly invested in the lies of the left, like the lie that Biden is sentient, or the lie that the vaccines work and cause no harm.  The lie that migrants are not bringing disease into the US is one of their biggest. Infectious diseases are making the border crisis worse.

Mostly Haitian illegal aliens gathered at the Del Rio, Texas border crossing

(YouTube screengrab)

National Geographic has produced an embarrassing film that suggests Fauci is some kind of saint and savior.  He is neither.  He is a megalomaniac in the classic tradition.  He has every article that mentions his name delivered to his inbox!  How’s that for extreme narcissism?  He is in love with his own vision of himself.  But that vision is severely warped. He is nothing but a shill for big pharma.  He “botched the AIDS epidemic so big pharma could profit.”  He’s doing it again.  He has trashed, and will continue to trash, any and all early treatments that are known to be effective, HCQ and ivermectin cocktails because they don’t make his wallet fatter.  He’s all in for the big financial haul.  Fauci is and has always been a patent man; cheap, off-patent drugs offend him.  The man is as corrupt as Biden and the rest of the left.

Fauci can disingenuously claim the migrants and refugees are not significantly spreading Covid throughout the nation as the administration covertly inserts them into unsuspecting American cities, but this only makes it obvious that he does not want this long-calculated, far-reaching faux pandemic to end.  He will continue to advocate for unvaxxed, untested migrants and refugees to be settled among our towns and cities for maximum effect, maximum transmission.  In the end, it may actually be all about culling a world population our self-appointed elites think needs to be culled.  Bill Gates has been singing that song for years.  Gates’s defenders can dismiss his comments as passionately as they want, insist they were taken out of context, but Gates has long thought that vaccines are the answer to over-population.  

There is one truth that should be evident to all Americans by now; the global left does not recognize the value of individuals, of discrete human beings.  We are, on one hand, an annoyance when we do not comply with their directives.  On the other hand, we are useful idiots, serfs to their royalty, though thoroughly dispensable.  

Their strategy to send infected migrants into our cities is all of a piece.  The more Americans who become infected, the longer their Covid rules and mandates can be perpetrated upon us, more small businesses can be shuttered, more people will remain unemployed, dependent on this pernicious federal government.  One could be reminded of that classic episode of Twilight Zone, To Serve Man.  That’s the one where the aliens from outer space arrive and pretend to be benefactors of the earth people when in fact their intent is to harvest them for food.  To the American ruling class and the Great Reset crowd, the bulk of the world’s population is fodder for their plans of global domination and population control.  To that crowd, we are indistinguishable from the migrants and refugees from all over the planet. 

Covid most likely is a bio-weapon unleashed upon the world by China but with Fauci’s and Francis Collins’s fingerprints all over it.  It should be no surprise to anyone that our Democrats do not want those hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens flowing over our southern border to be vaxxed.  They are vital to their plan.

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