Terry McAuliffe got a loud and clear message from some Virginia parents

Americans have an inherent right to peaceful protest and that’s what a group of parents in Virginia did when they heard that Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe was coming to town. Someone (possibly in McAuliffe’s campaign) responded by calling the police. Why? Was this to create a narrative that parents need FBI oversight, as the Department of Justice has promised to provide?

Terry McAuliffe’s self-inflicted wound from his final gubernatorial debate on September 28th was—to mix metaphors—the gift that will keep on giving. In his “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach” remark, he stirred up a hornet’s nest. A torrent of online criticism has come his way from varied sources. What people may not know is that some of this criticism came much closer to home and in the form of real-life flesh and blood protestors.

Tysons Corner, Virginia, is a high-tech office community that also contains one of the most successful shopping malls in America, Tysons Corner Center. The community is minutes away from the rarified community of monied McLean in which Terry resides, and it was in Tysons Corner that parents came out in force when they learned he’d be there.

McAuliffe was meeting with potential donors on Jones Branch Drive in Tysons, Virginia on Friday, October 1, 2021. The protestors—about 30 in all—were led by Elizabeth Schultz, former Fairfax County School Board Member (2012-2019). Schultz has four children who attended local schools.

One protestor carried a sign reading “McAuliffe—I won’t Co-Parent with You!!!” Another announced, “The Government is NOT a Co-Parent!” Less biting was one placard that read “Hey Terry Parents have Rights!!!” Even more basic was the sign carried by one gentleman that read “We The People.”

My favorite was “Terry is Scary for our Schools.” Other signs read “Parents will not be silent” and a succinct “We Have Rights!” Protestors seemed buoyed by positive responses received by drivers of autos passing by.

Despite the peaceable nature of the protest, someone called a Fairfax County Police Department cruiser to the scene, which arrived at about 2 p.m. Protestors took it in stride—actually shouting pro-police slogans upon the cruiser’s arrival.

We don’t know who called the police, but you really must wonder why anyone would do so against peaceful protestors staying on a public sidewalk. No one was overturning police cars or burning down buildings as protestors on the left are wont to do. Or perhaps, given that the DOJ’s agreed that challenges to school boards suggest domestic terrorism, someone who sided with McAuliffe was hoping to support the narrative.

No media were on the scene for it seems that only left-wing protestors or those that commit violent acts (isn’t that the same thing?) are newsworthy to a large swath of the media. Regrettably and not surprisingly, this demonstration received scant coverage in the local press besides mention on WMAL radio 105.9. Fortunately, though, Elizabeth Shultz was interviewed that afternoon on Vince Coglianese’s Show on WMAL.

The point of this post is to remind people that, even when the media are ignoring them, conservatives are out there letting Democrat politicians and wannabe politicians know that their policies are unpopular—and they’re doing it the old-fashioned, First Amendment way, with peaceable speech in a public forum. However, unlike leftists who chase down senators, trapping them in bathrooms or elevators, these protestors had the police called on them.

Both photographs by Nicholas Kalis.

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