BeagleGate Strikes Fauci

It takes a lot to mobilize a truly bi-partisan group of Congressional Reps to take action, especially against something being done by the Biden administration’s golden boy of COVID mis-information, Dr. Anthony Fauci.  However, twenty-four of these elected federal officials who wrote to the head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, demanding that Fauci make a full accounting of a nearly half-million-dollar grant given to a research lab in Tunisia to fund the torture and murder of … wait for it … at least 44 beagle puppies. 

Yeah, I saw the list, and while more than half of the Congressional Reps are Republicans, nine are Democrats, including Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), one of the most powerful, vocal and partisan Representatives in Congress. Apparently, opposition to the cruel, tax-funded extermination of adorable, inoffensive beagles is finally something that both parties can agree on. After all, 38.4% of American households have a dog as part of the family.  

Some news reports suggest that beagle research may have been conducted in Tunisia and at least three other off-shore locations over the past three or four years. However, this story is just starting to emerge, and while several prominent UK-based newspapers are already covering it, American media – starting with The Hill and Newsweek – are just beginning to focus on it. As with many other scandal-ridden Washington stories, Beagle-Gate will likely dribble out over a period of weeks or months. It may remain “alive” (unlike those mutilated beagle pups) through the mid-term Congressional elections. 

Should this story find traction with the media and the public, expect a bi-partisan tidal wave of support for the inquiry into this truly awful story of taxpayer-funded animal cruelty on a wholesale basis.

Why was this allowed to happen?  As the news media keeps telling Americans, “we all have to follow the science.” This, according to two different Presidents – Trump and Biden – as well as their on-again off-again, sometimes-favorite COVID mouthpiece, Dr. Anthony Fauci, MD (which in his case may stand for “Murders Dogs”). 

“But c’mon, man,” as Biden might say, what kind of “science” comes from drugging adorable beagle pups, then exposing their heads to carnivorous and infectious desert sand fleas. To make it all scientific-seeming, people in white lab coats watched closely as those voracious sand fleas proceed to eat those cute pups alive.

What word is strong enough to describe the horror of this “research?”

  • Extermination? 
  • Execution?
  • Liquidation?
  • Slaughter? 
  • Butchery? 

Seriously, is there even one single word in the English language strong enough to encompass the bizarre and vicious nature of acts that – if conducted in the US – would almost certainly have violated a host of animal cruelty statutes.  No wonder Fauci off-shored the “research” to Tunisia. I mean, where better to torture dogs than in a North African nation which has no qualms about torturing dogs.  After all, canines are not favored by the Islamic religion.  So where better to capture these dogs, cut out their vocal cords – yes, the “researchers” did that, but only because their barking and howling “disturbed” the researchers – then torture them to death. All in the name of “science,” they forced these darling young pups to endure agonizing deaths. 

To recap this “research: First, the beagles were put in cages and cast adrift on the desert sands for nine consecutive nights. With the temperature approaching freezing in those dark desert nights, the dogs shivered and moaned and howled as hundreds – perhaps thousands – of infectious sand fleas were drawn to their warmth.  So these poor dogs were responsible for literally capturing their future murderers. 

Then, the forty-four pups were given cordectomies – the same surgical procedure used on humans who have laryngeal cancer.  They couldn’t howl or bark or even whimper – the pups’ heads are put into small cages holding the infectious sand fleas.  Finally, researchers watched as the sand fleas literally ate their beagle hosts alive, from the inside out.  That, apparently, is something Dr. Fauci considers not just science, but science worthy of a $375,800 grant from America’s too-generous taxpayers. 

Your scientific tax dollars at work!

Beyond the sheer monstrosity of these foul deeds, face it – sometimes, Fauci’s just plain stupid.  I mean, funding virus research in the heart of the People’s Republic of China?  Or using American tax dollars to fund this vile research into the dining habits of Saharan sand fleas?  That, alone, is pretty damn stupid, but if you’re going to experiment on dogs, why not try working on Pugs or Bulldogs or Shar-peis or some other less broadly appealing breed.  Picking one of the cutest and most cuddly of “man’s best friends” seems like adding insult to injury.

Frankly, these beagle serial murders seem way more than a bit extreme, even for the not-so-good Doctor Fauci and his NIAID, refuse to issue a statement on this heinous farce (in the name of science).

Those who, like me, are old enough to remember this – back in around ’65, then-President Lyndon Johnson was caught on camera picking up a beagle by its long and floppy ears.  That created a minor media firestorm and public outrage, and may have contributed – at least in a minor way – to Johnson’s almost unprecedented decision to not seek a second term.  But he didn’t kill the dog in question. 

In what is almost certainly to be called “Beagle-Gate,” at least by the media, Fauci’s researchers killed nobody-knows-how-many beagles.  While Biden so far seems shielded from most actions taken under his leadership, this might prove to be a bridge too far.  Ironic if Fauci loses his job because of Beagle-Gate, instead of for funding viral research in Wuhan that gave us COVID, or for his colossally-inept bungling, giving us Americans the fruits of his “follow the science” wisdom that changes on a daily basis.

I’m known as a cat man – I haven’t had a pet dog since the early 80s – but I still have nothing but compassion for the suffering those poor pups endured. This torture’s courtesy of the guy who funded the viral research facility in Wuhan. Of course, this experimentation on dogs was meant to be kept secret, which may be why Fauci out-sourced this “research” to Tunisia. Perhaps because even someone as tone-deaf as Fauci knows that killing cute little beagle pups in the name of “science” would play in the American media, or even with the American Congress, Fauci authorized $375,800 in the form of a grant to a lab in Tunisia.  Now I can’t be sure, but last time I checked, Tunisia isn’t exactly a leader in cutting-edge scientific research.

This article is based on material from Ned Barnett’s forthcoming book, The COVID Diaries. This, his 40th published book, is scheduled for publication early in 2020, by Sidekick Press.  Barnett heads Barnett Marketing Communications in Las Vegas, an agency that helps conservative candidates and causes, as well as pro-free-enterprise corporations and non-profits. Barnett also serves as a writing coach and editor for book-length authors on a variety of topics, including fiction and non-fiction.  He can be reached at

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