Impeaching Biden?

In the last two years, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and the Democrats abused the impeachment clause and turned it into nothing more than a political hammer against President Trump.  That was then, and this is now.  My guess is that Democrats are going to regret what they did over a phone call and the events of January 6.  Pelosi and Schiff made a mockery out of the impeachment clause, and history will judge them harshly for it.

According to polls, 52% of Likely U.S. Voters believe that Biden should resign because of the Afghanistan withdrawal.  It gets worse because Senator Lindsey Graham is floating the impeachment option.

President Biden is not going to resign.  We don't have a parliamentary system where a vote of confidence can change our leaders.  Our system is based on stability, so don't expect public pressure to force a resignation.  Of course, some senior Democrats may walk over to the Oval Office and persuade Biden to resign for the good of the party — i.e., 2022 elections.  Replacing Biden with Kamala Harris will probably kill that idea — it's not helping much to turn the Democrats' current electoral troubles.

So what happens if the GOP takes over the House?  What if angry voters want revenge?

My hope is that cooler heads prevail, and we can shut off impeachment as an option.  Biden is guilty of serious incompetence, from shutting off a pipeline to opening the border to now Afghanistan.  All of these three things come under "elections have consequences" rather than impeachable offenses.

Speaking of elections have consequences, I hope Bill Kristol shuts up and goes into hiding for a long time.  It was men and women like Kristol who got their feelings hurt and made the Biden presidency possible.  So please disappear and talk to Jake Tapper of CNN, where no one watches your stupid remarks anyway.

And speaking of the media, please stop trying to make up for 2020.  I understand "buyer's remorse" or getting scared of losing their jobs because no one turns on the TV to keep up with Biden.  I would be a lot more impressed if they admitted that their lack of interest in the Biden candidacy allowed the candidate to hide from the voters.

"Elections have consequences," not impeachment, should be the GOP message today.

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Image: Public Citizen.

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