Idle hands do the devilish Dems' work

The hardest working states, as measured by WalletHub, are predominantly Republican.  The lowest 10 in the rankings are mostly run by Democrats.  Probably not a surprise since they were lavish with unemployment benefits and other work disincentives.  

Democrat-run states and cities rarely score well in various quality of life ratings.  Notably, the U-Haul ranking of states by migration growth shows that people are fleeing blue states for red states, usually for economic reasons.  They intend to work hard and benefit from the fruits of their labor.

The dignity and sense of purpose that accompany hard work can be tied to long-lasting happiness — which conservatives enjoy more than liberals — versus the fleeting, instant gratification the ingordigious lefties pursue.  Indeed, one of the key indicators WalletHub uses in ranking work ethic is annual volunteer hours per resident.  WalletHub also includes Idle Youth in their rankings, defined as aged 18–24, not in school, not working, and having no degree beyond high school.

From the WalletHub survey: "Hard work is key to success, and the people of some states understand that better than others."  States like Texas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, Nebraska, and Kansas.  Mostly states the effete elites prefer to fly over rather than relish our great heartland up close.

It's no coincidence that states ranking low in WalletHub's methodology are keen to escort their public charges to the government trough.   Rather than the dignity that comes with gainful employment, their idle hands do the devil's work.

Just the other day, the she-devil herself — that'd be nasty AOC — wore a devilish dress emblazoned with "Tax the Rich."  A better slogan might be, "put the idlers to work!"  There are, after all, a bunch of job vacancies out there.  They can even start — start — at Amazon for $18 per hour, without an advanced degree.  In desperate search of labor, some employers will reimburse employees for educational expenses, thereby eviscerating WalletHub's definition of Idle Youth: no job, not in school, no degree. 

Idle hands do the devil's work in squalid liberal enclaves, where dim Dems dance with the demons.  They promote hooliganism and undermine the primary purposes of government, such as ensuring our safety and well-being in civil society. 

Speaking of civility, as James Madison wrote in Federalist 51, "If Men were angels, no government would be necessary."  One might extrapolate that where slothfulness prevails that more government is necessary to provide bread and circuses in vote-buying wantonness.  However, as Ronald Reagan reminded us in his 1981 inaugural address, "government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem."

Part of the problem is enabling idlers to promote demonic Dem discord.  Indeed, the rudest cities are run by rude Dems, so, too, the most dangerous.  The least friendly states, as ranked by Big Seven Travel, are liberal places.  Highest crime rates?  You guessed it...Dem cities with a bunch of layabouts on the dole — probably planning their next heist.  Not that robbing tourists enjoying dinner al fresco requires much planning for the ill-educated.

Conversely, there's symbiosis between hard work and long-lasting happiness engendered by a sense of purpose, and shared values like freedom, not diversity, being our greatest strength.  That's why the hardest-working states offer a higher quality of life than wretched liberal sanctuaries. 

No wonder the U-Hauls are fleeing blue for red states.  Diversity is welcome, but it is our freedom that unites us against them Dem devils.

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