Blue-staters flee blue-state policies...and then vote for them again

Several data sources show the exodus of residents from blue states to traditionally red states.  The recent U-Haul ranking of states by migration growth is one of the most compelling; after all, that's where the rubber meets the road.  U-Haul migration trends show that Tennessee had the largest net gain of U-Haul trucks crossing its borders in 2020.  Rounding out the top ten are Texas, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia.  California is no longer golden, as it ranks dead last; folks are also commissioning their U-Hauls to escape other deep blue states like New York and Illinois.

The migration pattern is obvious:  discontented people are fleeing putrid progressivism with onerous regulations, oppressive zoning, police defunding, and culture-canceling compulsions for more tolerant and welcoming states.  States with less taxes and a business-friendly environment like Tennessee and, at least until recently, Georgia are U-Haul magnets.

Many of these out-of-state transplants are more progressive than the nice natives.  So why are they doing the same thing, at least politically, but expecting a different result?  It's all further proof that liberalism is a mental disease.  Why are they turning nice, wholesome red states purple, if not blue?  It takes a lot of effort to move; in fact, it's one of life's biggest stressors.  You'd think people who pack up their U-Hauls and fast, that escape liberal lunacy would be somewhat chastened rather than continuing to vote for Dems spouting the same soul-destroying socialist schemes. 

Georgia is also in the top 10 of the U-Haul list for 2020, with much of its growth occurring in the Atlanta metro region.  Indeed, Atlanta is known as the city of transplants, and they are transforming state and local politics.  Metro Atlanta has for years attracted people from other states, and look where they are coming from: NY-Newark-Jersey City, Miami region, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Hartford.  Again, the migration pattern is obvious:  they are fleeing dilapidated Dem-dominated cities.

While Tennessee remains red, not that long ago, so was Georgia.  With so much of the state's vote concentrated in the city of transplants, the state is at least purple, trending a sickly blue.  Actually, Georgians just elected far-left senators who are more like "Reds"; they hardly represent traditional Southern hospitality, nor do they espouse the business-friendly policies that likely attracted the transplants.

Other states in the top 10 U-Haul report, like Arizona and North Carolina, were also Republican territory, but thanks partly to interlopers from degenerating Dem domains, they are gradually developing a blue discoloration.

Maybe they should've stayed put instead of polluting and over-consuming resources in our beautiful and vibrant conservative communities.  After all, efforts to recall Gavin Newsom in California are inexorably progressing.  Why commit to one of life's biggest challenges in uprooting family only to pursue further blue-state unhappiness?

Florida senator Marco Rubio once noted that you don't see fully laden immigrant flotillas going from Florida to Cuba; nope, it's the other way around.  Likewise with those U-Hauls.

Presumably, many transplants boarded their U-Haul for a cross-country adventure en route to a better life in broad, sunlit uplands — a place where personality, ingenuity, entrepreneurship, family, and industry soar free from the beastly bureaucrats wallowing in the blue abyss below.  But instead of choosing Pleasantville, they chose Unhappiness.  Liberalism is indeed a disease, and its spread is giving the nice, hospitable natives the blues.

Image via Pxhere.