Get ready for more Central American migrant caravans

Now that Joe Biden has transported some 100,000 unvetted Afghani "refugees" to the U.S., the Central American migrant caravans are back, too. 

According to Reuters:

TAPACHULA, Mexico (Reuters) - A migrant caravan of around 400 people, including many children, set off from the southern Mexican city of Tapachula for the United States on Saturday, just a couple of days after security and migration officials dispersed another large group.

As in the past, the photo shows the migrants waving the flags of the countries they are desperate not to be sent back to.

And according to other reports, the migrants are coming as a group to protest the slow U.S. asylum process.  They see themselves as entitled to faster customer service from the U.S., despite the fact that they don't add much value to the U.S. economy, few speak English, and most will assimilate into the U.S. underclass. The fact that migration officials are now inundated with Afghani "refugees" to process isn't going to bring any results, which may mean the protest isn't all that serious and what they really want is for Joe Biden to just let them in with no vetting at all.

In any case, they are making no bones about coming here for a better life. That isn't exactly what asylum is for but never mind. Even if they get rejected for the asylum they are asking for as their loophole entry to skirt conventional immigration law, (and virtually all will), they know they will get many free years to work in the U.S. before their claims are rejected. Most know that too, and won't show up for their court dates. After they are ordered deported, they won't necessarily leave, given that the Biden administration has made it clear they won't come looking for them.

It comes at a funny time, actually, what with all the court cases that have ruled against open immigration in recent weeks, including one court ruling that President Trump's "remain in Mexico" agreement for asylum-seekers still stands. It also comes as Mexican troops in Mexico are moving to send these caravans back. Apparently,  none of this is a deterrent and smugglers are having a successful time persuading migrants that getting into the U.S. illegally is a sure thing with little likelihood of being sent back. Perhaps the recent news that Biden has moved to an asylum officer system instead of an immigration court system, the former of which is conducting a soft amnesty of letting all comers through, is having an effect. 

In any case, it represents a flare-up, a recrudescence of Biden's open borders to all comers (except Cubans fleeing communism.) That's pretty wretched as blowback for the nightmarish Afghanistan withdrawal and botched evacuation. The migrants of the world are getting a message somehow that the open border is open again for business.

What they want is to use sheer numbers to flood the system, taking advantage of the current situation of Afghani refugees being imported in, using it to their benefit. That may not be the sentiment of all the individual asylum seekers, but it's a sure thing it's the calculation of the leftist organizers.

Image: Boitchy, via Flickr // public domain

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