Emmy awards show us the masks of the peasants

If there's any further need to spot a new class divide emerging, well, take a look at the Emmy awards, held at Staples Center in Los Angeles last night.

According to the New York Post:

Mask on, mask off.

The 2021 Emmy Awards were full of colorful ensembles, moving speeches and coveted gold statuettes — but no masks in sight.

While 2020's coronavirus had awards shows very scaled down, the party only got bigger this year. Many viewers and fans on social media, Twitter and beyond certainly had something to say about the celebs sitting in close proximity to one another during the telecast.

Because as recent surges show, COVID-19 is still a thing.

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse had the best take:

Your children and grandchildren cannot eat in a public school cafeteria without wearing a mask and remaining socially distant; so sayeth the rule-makers.

However, proving once again that masks and social distancing are a theater of social construct that does not apply to the self-proclaimed elites, the only people wearing masks at the Hollywood Emmy awards tonight were the servants.

It's not hypocrisy really.  The reality is the COVID-19 rules are based on perpetrating a ruse, a total and utter fraud.   They don't believe their own message; because they know the rules they espouse to support do not apply to them.

Take away their pool cleaners, laundry service providers, lawn care workers, chauffeurs, gardeners, nannies and staff... and watch how quickly these same people will dispatch those rules. The comfortable existence within this "polite society" is dependent on the scruff neck working class, the dirty fingernail folk who know what Lava soap feels like, and the industrious service sector workforce who fulfill the needs of those who hold out their pinky fingers when they drink from a glass.

Here's a screen shot of an E! video, with markings, on someone's Twitter feed, showing the amazing disparity:

In California, the original mask rule put into place last year had it that at restaurant gatherings, people sitting down could take off masks to eat while those serving them and walking around would keep their masks on. 

Well, as the Emmys show, and the Met Gala before it, that rule has morphed.  Everyone walks around now, but only the servants wear masks.  It's as though they're slaves now, or lepers, putting on masks to prevent their diseases from spreading.  Never mind what the elites may be spreading; only the peasants must be covered.  In black, no less — no cartoon colors.  The Taliban likes to cover people it oppresses, too, such as women.  It's not so different here.

That tells us a lot about the emerging gulf between the elites who make the rules and the rest of us.

For decades it's been tough being an elite in America.  Elites can never quite be as elite as they like.  The proles, fattened by wages of America that the elites view as too high, get their hands on fancy sports cars, fancy ski equipment, and fancy airline tickets, same as the elites, ruining all the exclusivity of being elite.  It's why the global elites have always hated the U.S., with all its upward mobility and disregard for class and status.  The proles ruin the fun of being an aristocrat of sorts and all the joy of status.  A prole can have nearly all the accouterments of being rich, such as a home, a car, an airline ride, designer clothes, and more, and not even have to pay attention to status.  He can be low-class, actually, and still have as many choices.  It drives much of the Soros billionaire class, for one, bonkers.  But it's definitely the same with the Hollywood elites, perhaps even more pronounced, based on most of their own formerly prole status.  They guard their privileges even more jealously.

This may be why we see what we are seeing with the Emmys and the Met Gala, famously attended by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  For her, it was about breaking into the club and making a splash.  She would not have been able to do it without all those slaves in masks batting around her, carrying her train, and acting as servile masters on the pretend risk of their having disease as if the elites didn't.

That's what COVID is all about and why the elites seem to be so enamored of it.

The rest of us can make our judgments accordingly. 

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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