As California goes, so goes America

With Governor Gavin Newsom's recall looming in less than a week, this is America's chance to send a message to Washington, D.C. and the rest of the country that common sense is making a comeback.

When Howard Cosell, the late sportscaster and native Californian, appeared on the 1970s sitcom The Odd Couple, he called the Felix Unger character (played by the late great Tony Randall) an "inane drone."  A drone is a worker bee that, in its mindlessness, works tirelessly for the queen and the hive without any thought.  To borrow from Mr. Cosell, if Californians don't vote to recall Newsom, replacing him with Larry Elder, they are all a bunch of inane drones.

California's election is important because every awful, terrible policy that originates in Sacramento spreads like COVID across the country.  Californians need to ask themselves these questions:

What has Gavin Newsom done to improve your lives?  Did the lockdowns stop COVID?  Did he improve the homeless problem?  Did he lower crime?  Do you like paying the highest prices for everything, from owning a home to renting a place to or filling your gas tank?  What about the rolling blackouts and the forest mismanagement leading to raging wildfires?

Not to beat a dead horse, but didn't his appearance at the French Laundry surrounded by the very lobbyists who are making your lives miserable, all without masks and social distancing, anger any of you?  Newsom locked down public schools and sent his kids to a private school with in-person learning.  He shut down every winery except for the one he owns.  When is enough going to be enough for you guys?

Newsom and his ilk claim to champion minorities and care about their well-being.  Larry Elder, the GOP front-running challenger, grew up in South Central L.A. and became a self-made success.  He is the American dream, a poor Black kid who worked hard and achieved success.  Isn't this someone you would admire and want to take a chance on?

Of course, the Democrat establishment is smearing Elder, calling him "the black face of white supremacy" and accusing him of brandishing a gun and treating women badly.

Newsom, by contrast, grew up in the lap of luxury.  If you look up White privilege in the dictionary, you will find his picture.  His lip service shouldn't hide that he doesn't care about minorities.

As Elder points out, the public school system in California is horrendous.  The inner cities are riddled with crime, something that never touches Newsom.

Newsom has Senator Elizabeth Warren, another rich out-of-touch elitist, flying into the state to campaign for him.  Why import someone who is the mirror image of his own hypocrisy to campaign for him?

Newsom has Vice President Kamala Harris campaigning for him, too.  This decision should make Californians question his judgment.  She is the most unpopular V.P. in recent memory.  Democrat voters also resoundingly rejected her in the presidential primaries.  Did I also mention that she promoted a bail fund for rioters in Minnesota who recently posted bail for someone who just committed murder?

Newsom is also having President Biden campaign for him.  Isn't Newsom aware of the Afghanistan disaster?  Even people at college football games across the county are chanting "F--- Joe Biden"?

Democrats are eating themselves alive trying to destroy a black man from South Central L.A.  If their policies worked, wouldn't Larry Elder be a shining example for them?  No, of course not, because he is proof positive that their policies are backward and do not work.

Obviously, enough people were unhappy with Newsom to get this recall to come to fruition.  To all Californians, look at it this way: you have nothing to lose by booting Newsom and electing Larry Elder.  Larry Elder would be there only until 2022.  If he absolutely stinks on ice, you can boot him, too, and not wait four years to do it.  It's a win-win situation.

New York, where I am, closely follows California.  I am sitting watching President Biden babble on about climate change while visiting Queens, which was ravaged by Hurricane Ida's floodwaters.  Chuck Schumer and Governor Hochul flank him, insipidly nodding along, with masks hiding their faces.

These tone-deaf elitists keep pushing climate change while people are still focused on American citizens and Afghan SIV-holders stranded in Afghanistan.  Even Biden's visit to view damage in New Jersey, when residents screamed at him about Afghanistan, not climate change and the damage from floodwaters, did not clue him in to voters' priorities.

I am hoping and praying that, by some miracle, Larry Elder gets elected.  It will give us hope across the country.  If Elder loses, you Californians are a bunch of inane drones, and you deserve everything you get.

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