Living in a time of unreason

Reflection at times is worth the price of discomfort.  We are living through a world war.  On one level, it is waged on a virus.  On another level, it is waged by the Few against the Many.  The Few were self-appointed, the Many conscripted.

The Few view the Many in Rousseau-like fashion: "Man is born with a brain and everywhere he seems brainless."  The Many feed that notion because they lack inquisitiveness and critical thinking and have blind faith in the Few.

War against a virus allows the Few to use intermediaries to coax or force the Many toward the Few's goals.  The intermediaries are unelected bureaucrats, scientists, physicians, and business-owners, using whatever tactics are needed to achieve the goals of the Few.  The goals are always money, power, and control, in some desired proportion.

A notable tactic used in this war is the mask mandate because the mask acts as a symbolic muzzle.  It seems to have worked.  The Many forgot or never knew about their rights or the concept of limited government built into their Constitution.  They bought into the inviolable nature of the Union but the disposable nature of their rights.

The Many never realized that magic is the art of deception.  Unlike people, a virus is not deceived by a mask.  Unlike viruses, only people are deceived by magic.  A covering cloth that one normally finds on stage, which the magician uses to misdirect the audience's focus, is now covering the audience itself.  Masking was used not to hide us from the virus, but to hide our humanity.

Eventually, all attention was directed toward creating and distributing a supposed vaccine, which was deemed necessary to fight a supposed new, widespread illness.  The project was called "Warp Speed."  If this focus meant labeling the nature of the illness as something novel instead of as influenza or influenza-like infections, to justify injecting the Many, so be it; there is a war to win.  Never let a fact get in the way of making stuff up.

Trust the science, the Few told the Many, even if the science is not settled.  Who proclaimed the scientist God?  God already knows inner workings, whereas the scientist is attempting to determine them.

As for physicians, they are among the Many, only with more formal education from an expensive trade school.  Their approach to daily medical practice offers a clue to their grasp of reality.  It can be judged by how well they handle the vicissitudes in the medical literature, oftentimes notable for its non-reproducible data and conclusions that a statistician would find cringe-worthy.

"Safe and effective" became the battle cry to propel Warp Speed.  Asking how safe or how effective the vaccine is meant that the Many did not understand, despite incomplete experimental data and numerous reports of vaccine adverse effects and death, that the phrase didn't mean what it seemingly said.  It appears that the Few and the Many are speaking the same language and using the same words, but they are obviously using different dictionaries.

The Japanese recently identified metallic fragments in one of the claimed vaccines.  It used to be that if there were metallic contaminants in a medication, it was removed from the market.  Now contaminants may be the active ingredient.  When individuals noted these fragments, the Few labeled that "conspiracy talk."  When a country repeats such talk, how many figurative masks will be required to stifle that?

Despite evidence of ineffectiveness over time or potential danger unleashed by Warp Speed, many of the Many offered their arms to get a leg up and to get the Few off their backs.  It is interesting how few people donate their bodies to science upon their death, yet so many are currently donating their bodies while still alive.

The Few have forced on the Many mandates, lockdowns, and employer demands that employees get injected to maintain their livelihood.  The Few know that most of the Many have little recourse.

Mandates are applied with the force of law.  The law now reads like a novel, where the government writes the title and perhaps chapter headings, while the story is constructed by an unelected administrative state.  The Many may believe they have recourse in the law, but the rule of law is often the rule of ignored law.

Clarity often comes in retrospect.  What can the Many do to reverse the course set by the Few?  Among the Many, there are the stupid, ignorant, and corrupt.  There is no fixing stupid.  It is hard to fix the corrupt.  The only hope lies with the ignorant.  To erase their ignorance, perhaps we can just correct their miseducation and unreason.  Given what modern education has done to students for so many decades, change the Many's mindset is a high hurdle, but it is well past time that the Many unchain their minds.

Image: The three monkeys, cropped.  Pixabay license.

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