Progressives' overwhelming, alarming disregard for human life

Today, over 62,000,000 abortions have been performed in the United States.  That number is more than ten times larger than the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust during WW II.  This gross, callous indifference to the sanctity of life was predicted long before the Supreme Court upheld the killing of unborn babies (Roe v. Wade, 1973). 

Americans were warned that legalizing abortion would send the nation into a downward moral slide that would lead to a diminished view of human life at any stage.  But Progressives ignored that caution and pressed on with their agenda to ensure abortions were legally protected.  One would think such a victory would suffice, but apparently, their bloodlust has no bounds.  Since Biden became president, there is growing evidence that demonstrates what little regard social Democrats have for human any stage.

There is no better example than the thousands of deaths that occur as a direct consequence of the Progressives' open-door policy at our southern border.  An alliance of Mexican drug cartels with jihadists use the weak belly of our nation to smuggle tons of made-in-China fentanyl into the U.S.  Approximately 90,000 people die annually to drug overdosing, 60% due to fentanyl.  According to CDC:

Most of the increases in fentanyl deaths over the last three years do not involve prescription fentanyl but are related to illicitly-made fentanyl that is being mixed with or sold as heroin — with or without the users' knowledge and increasing as counterfeit pills. 

There's reason to believe that these fentanyl deaths are intentional.  In the book Unrestricted Warfare, two Chinese military officers wrote that China's total war strategy against the U.S. includes any and all non-military means.  Their making and peddling of this deadly drug into the U.S. is an example.  And while drug-trafficking cartels make millions of dollars to advance other money-making ventures — sex-trafficking and counterfeit pharmaceutical production — their jihadist cohorts use their profits to finance the global movement of spreading sharia to non-Islamic parts of the world through violence and subversion.

Clearly, Americans would be safer if the southern border were sealed.  But Progressives ignore the safety aspect, instead favoring an open-door policy that injects misery, mayhem, and murder into our nation.  Their policies regarding illegal immigration along the border have led to the deaths of thousands of U.S. citizens and other violent crimes as well.  Yet illegal aliens are let into the country, many of whom are infected with COVID and other communicable diseases, then transplanted throughout America to infect others.

Speaking of COVID, it was the staunch Progressive social Democrat, Governor Andrew Cuomo, who housed infected patients inside nursing homes, knowing that elderly citizens were highly vulnerable to the virus.  FOX News reported that Cuomo was responsible for over 1,000 nursing home deaths.

Unfortunately, many more citizens have died as a consequence of receiving the COVID-19 shot.  A news report, drawing information from the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), stated that "[i]n just the first four months of this year, the U.S. government has recorded more deaths after COVID vaccinations than from all other vaccines administered in the United States between mid-1997 and the end of 2013."  VAERS records also reveal that many people receiving the shots have suffered severe medical complications as a result.  Nevertheless, Progressive bureaucrats downplay that fallout and push the vaccine, insisting that everybody get "vaccinated"...even people who virologist Dr. Robert  Malone said should not receive the shots.

For more evidence that Progressives have little to no regard for human life (or suffering), consider their callous attitude toward crime, violence, and high murder rates in many of our largest urban areas — especially those run by Democrat officials.  It's because of progressive policies, like defunding the police, releasing violent criminals without bail, and removing qualified immunity protection for police officers, that murder rates and other violent crimes are skyrocketing.  And who is it that suffers under such policies but minority citizens living in these inner cities?

Finally, we've all witnessed the cold disregard Biden has shown for Americans left behind in Afghanistan after his unilateral pull-out of U.S. troops stationed there.  This situation is highly reminiscent of Hillary Clinton's abandonment of an ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, all of whom were killed.

This callous attitude that Progressives show toward anyone who needlessly suffers or dies as a consequence of their incompetent policies is not happenstance.  It's the result of their longtime obsession with totalitarian movements.  The communist and Marxist ideologies that they find so attractive were spawned by amoral, cold-blooded despots like Stalin and Mao — men who are responsible for 20 million and 65 million deaths, respectively.  Progressives have deified these two thugs and regularly glorify communist revolutionists, such as Fidel Castro, literally a psychopathic madman, and  Che Guevara, his equally despicable accomplice during the Cuban Revolution.  Should we be surprised that Progressives exhibit much the same disregard for human life in the cause of their own anti-American revolution?  No.  We should be alarmed.

Today's Progressives have lost their moral compass.  They are positioning themselves between us and our God-given right of life and liberty.  They must be stopped.

David Bores served as an Army officer for 23 years and 19 years as a civilian peace officer in Georgia, culminating as chief of police.

Image: Marco Bellucci via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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