Afghans allegedly lived up to their reputation as sex criminals

Joe Biden's disastrous retreat from Afghanistan involved bringing to America thousands of random, entirely unvetted Afghan men, instead of vetted men who helped American troops, although with their families.  I knew then that we were in trouble.  I saw what happened in Europe when Angela Merkel took in unvetted Muslim refugees, mostly young, unattached men.  These fears have been realized now that a female soldier at Fort Bliss has allegedly been assaulted by several Afghan refugees.

In 2017, Cheryl Benard, who spent a career working with refugees, wrote a fact-filled article about the fact that of all the Muslim refugees flooding Europe, the Afghan men were the most dangerous.  They assaulted women and children without even attempting to cover their crimes.  Benard described these sex assaults:

But there was one development that had not been expected, and was not tolerable: the large and growing incidence of sexual assaults committed by refugees against local women. These were not of the cultural-misunderstanding-date-rape sort, but were vicious, no-preamble attacks on random girls and women, often committed by gangs or packs of young men.


Most of the assaults were being committed by refugees of one particular nationality: by Afghans.


Europeans were predisposed to be positive towards Afghan refugees. But it quickly became obvious that something was wrong, very wrong, with these young Afghan men: they were committing sex crimes to a much greater extent than other refugees, even those from countries that were equally or more backward, just as Islamic and conservative, and arguably just as misogynist.


The tipping point [in Tulln, Austria, which banned refugees], after a series of disturbing incidents all emanating from Afghans, was the brutal gang rape of a fifteen-year-old girl, snatched from the street on her way home, dragged away and serially abused by Afghan refugees.


A while before, in Vienna, a young female Turkish exchange student had been pursued into a public restroom by three Afghan refugees. They jammed the door shut and proceeded to savagely attack her. Grabbing her by the neck, they struck her head repeatedly against a porcelain toilet bowl to knock her out. When that failed to break her desperate resistance, they took turns holding her down and raping her.

There's more; much more.  It's sickening, considering what Biden has brought to America, especially because the Afghans can freely walk off military bases and vanish into America.

But why wait to vanish into America to assault women?  Instead, a group allegedly attacked a female soldier on the base at Fort Bliss:

The FBI is investigating the assault of a female Fort Bliss soldier by several male Afghan refugees at the Army's Doña Ana Complex camp where thousands are currently being housed, officials told ABC-7 on Friday.

"We can confirm a female service member supporting Operation Allies Welcome reported being assaulted on Sept. 19 by a small group of male evacuees at the Doña Ana Complex in New Mexico," said Lt. Col. Allie Payne, director of Public Affairs for Fort Bliss and the 1st Armored Division.

Ted Cruz is already demanding answers:

And leave it to Kayleigh McEnany to highlight another of Jen Psaki's lies:

Many people are calling Biden's policies failures.  That would be true only if these weren't the outcomes he wanted.  However, this is exactly what Biden wants: the end of the rule of law, which makes tyranny easier, and a non-American population that doesn't remember a world without tyranny.  My advice to all women, young or old, is to remember the Second Amendment.

Image: Afghan men who wanted to come to America.  YouTube screen grab.

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