Despite Biden, the triumphant Trump effect continues in Middle East

As the disastrous policies, both domestic and international, of President Joseph R. Biden (D) and his amateur and incompetent ideological crew continue to wreak havoc on America, the glories of President Donald J. Trump's talented and creative work, such as the Abraham Accords, continue.  Just yesterday, during the Jewish holiday of Succoth, a group of over 300 prominent Iraqis, both of Sunni and Shiite outlooks, publicly announced their "call for full peace with Israel."

Hundreds of Iraqi leaders and activists gathered in the country's Kurdistan region on Friday to publicly call for full normalization with Israel.

The group, which includes Sunni and Shiites, youth activists and tribal leaders, said the next step after the dramatic announcement would be to seek "face-to-face talks" with Israelis.

The 312 Iraqi men and women issued their statements from a hotel in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region. The conference was organized by the New York-based Center for Peace Communications, which works to advance engagement between Arabs and Israelis, and to protect activists supporting normalization. (snip)

One of the speakers explained that the group believes in peace with Israel "so that we might live in a stable region that brings conflicts to an end. We believe in it because we want our region to be a peaceful one, in which Israel is an inseparable part of the panoramic whole, and in which all peoples have the right to live in security." (snip)

"We demand that Iraq join the Abraham Accords internationally," wrote Wisam al-Hardan, leader of the Sons of Iraq Awakening movement, in The Wall Street Journal on Friday. "We call for full diplomatic relations with Israel and a new policy of mutual development and prosperity." (snip)

Calling the expulsion of Iraq's Jews "the most infamous act" in the country's decline, Hardan said Iraq "must reconnect with the whole of our diaspora, including these Jews."

"We reject the hypocrisy in some quarters of Iraq that speaks kindly of Iraqi Jews while denigrating their Israeli citizenship, and the Jewish state, which granted them asylum."

Hardan also said that Iraq's laws criminalizing contacts with Israelis are "morally repugnant." (snip)

"We have a choice: tyranny and chaos, or legality, decency, peace and progress," he wrote. "The answer is clear."

Jews have an over 2,500-year history of residing in Iraq, biblically known as Babylonia, with numerous ups and downs over the eras.  Many of the Jews left for the modern Jewish state of Israel in 1948; many others were brutally expelled with literally only the clothes on their backs after 1948.  An estimated four Jews remain in the country where once 500,000 lived.

It is not news when millions of Israeli Jews of all backgrounds, prominent or regular law-abiding citizens, including many of Iraqi background, publicly ask their counterparts in Iraq to work for peace as they have over the decades.  And, as the Israelis sincerely want real peace, it is not dangerous to ask for it.

But, as some Muslims see the benefits of the Abraham Accords' peace, hopefully others will join the Iraqis, demanding that their so-called leaders join them.  And hopefully, Biden and his minions will overcome their intense...disdain for Trump and his accomplishments and once again position the U.S. as a force for peace for all of humanity.

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