You will never guess who's paying for American Nazi literature

Sean Davis's tweet was an eye-opener: "The FBI was using taxpayer money to secretly publish satanic, Neo-Nazi propaganda?  Real shocker right there.  The FBI is a corrupt, trash organization that is destroying America."  And no, Davis wasn't having some sort of stress-induced breakdown.  He was pointing to a series of tweets by Ali Winston, an investigative reporter, who was following a filing in the federal case against Kaleb Cole, an American neo-Nazi.  These tweets say exactly what Sean Davis said.

First, the tweets; then my discussion about them:

Broken down into simpler terms, Kaleb Cole filed a motion to suppress evidence seized from his home.  To support this motion, he alleged that the government had a confidential informant who had worked for the FBI for 16 years.  During that time, the confidential informant received $140,000 from the FBI, over $78,000 of which (plus another $4,378 for expenses) came while he was cuddling up to Cole.

The confidential informant isn't some cool Serpico-like guy, burying himself among the bad guys to bring them down.  Instead, he's a convicted felon who owns a white supremacist publishing company.  It was he who put together all the information being used against Cole.  Cole contended that the search warrant was invalid because there was nothing to support the informant's allegations, all of which served as the basis for the warrant.

The legalisms don't interest you, but what should outrage you is the fact that you, the taxpayer, have given over $140,000 to a Nazi.

What's even more outrageous is that the FBI habit of setting people up.  The plot to kidnap Michigan's governor Gretchen Whitmer turns out to have been encouraged and possibly initiated by a dozen FBI informants.

When Islamists tried to murder a group that dared to mock Mohammed in Garland, Texas, an undercover FBI agent encouraged the attackers.  "Tear up Texas," he said.

Tucker Carlson also believes that the reason the FBI suddenly announced — which we all knew — that there was no insurrection on January 6, was to protect the identity of God alone knows how many FBI agents and informants who were present, participating, and encouraging others to engage in activities that later justified the FBI's and DOJ's obsessive search for grandmothers and other elderly people who dared to "parade" in the People's House, often after police invited them in.

I read many years ago — and can't trace down the source — that during the 1960s, there were so many FBI undercover agents and infiltrators around Martin Luther King that they outnumbered people actually working in King's circle.  It made sense to me.  We know, after all, that J. Edgar Hoover amassed invasive and illegal files on everyone who caught his interest as a possible communist or agitator.

This picture of the FBI fingerprint files gives you a sense of the scale of the FBI's infiltration — and the picture was taken almost two decades before Hoover would go after King:

Historic Photographs.  Facebook screen grab.

I'm not a fan of communists, so it would be easy to slip into saying the FBI was acting for the greater good.  However, if the last few years have taught us anything, it's that the FBI believes itself to be above the law and the Constitution, something that's not for the greater good at all.

Agents will say and do anything to destroy those they don't like.  For decades, it was the communists; now it's Trump-supporters and other conservatives.  Notwithstanding loving TV shows in the 1960s about the FBI, they were then and they are now the Stasi — and will continue to be as long as judges and congresspeople continue to give them a pass.

And that's how you and I ended up paying for decades of White supremacist literature.

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