University of Kentucky paid big bucks for abusive CRT seminar

Just as I don't blame the illegal aliens pouring in over our southern border for taking advantage of Joe Biden's blatantly violating American immigration law, I don't blame the people at the "Center for Healing Racial Trauma" for using Critical Race Theory to get $5,000 from the ostentatiously guilt-ridden White fools at the University of Kentucky (U.K.).  After all, as the Bible teaches, a fool and his money are soon parted.  Still, it's important to understand the toxic message these and other race-hustlers (both Black and White) are inculcating in academia, for it's a message that will eventually be drilled into our children and grandchildren.

Candice Hargons, Ph.D., who's at the heart of all this, wants you to know that she comes from a place of love.  It says so right on her bio page at the University of Kentucky's College of Education website (emphasis mine):

Dr. Hargons (formerly Crowell) earned her PhD from the University of Georgia in 2015. She directs the RISE^2 Research Team (Relationships, Intimacy, and Sexual Enrichment | Race, Intersectionality, and Social justice Engagement), where they study sex, social justice, and leadership — all with a love ethic. Recent projects have included the Healing Racial Trauma project and studying sexual narrative of Black students. Her work has been featured in various media, including the New York Times, Huffington Post, and Therapy for Black Girls.

However, she's done some pretty unloving things.  For one, she charges Whites higher rates than Blacks when her group — the Center for Healing Racial Trauma — brings its racial revival show to town.  For another thing, she talked the college into paying $5,000 to the Center for Healing Racial Trauma to teach the White deans and upper-level faculty that they suffer from "white inferiority."  Thankfully, they can repent of this inborn sin by pledging to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to engage in illegal racial hiring.

Center for Racial Trauma Healing seminar goals.

Mary Davis, the Kentucky Law School dean, filled out a statement that perfectly exemplifies the con.  She had to fill out a form with the illiterate requirement that she identify "the steps I am/have taken" to address her innate racism.  (Apparently, no one on Hargon's staff knew that the phrase should have been “These are the steps I am taking/have taken."  But education is not the point of any of this.)  Here are her steps, along with my translations:

Center for Racial Trauma Healing seminar goals.

"Read antiracism literature."  [Enrich race-hustlers like the White Robin DeAngelo and that anti-White, "anti-racist" Ibram X. Kendi.]

"Listen to students."  [I'm on board with that one.  She's a dean; she should listen to students — up to a point.]

"Force myself to accept white inferiority — this one is really hard, honestly."  [While you've proven to be inferior, Dean Davis, there is no "white inferiority."  That is a racial doctrine every bit as evil as any the KKK or Nazis devised.  Just for saying that, you've shown yourself unfit to be allowed anywhere near young minds.]

Davis, obviously, felt compelled, in an exhibitionistic way, to abase herself before her abusers.  She'd probably have had more fun, and fewer residual negative effects, if she'd just gone to a BDSM party.

Meanwhile, Eric Monday, the executive vice president for finance and administration, responded well to the push for wealth redistribution:

Center for Racial Trauma Healing seminar goals.

First, he promised to "Increase # of BIPOC M/F staff in F & A — Specifically at compensation of $50,000 and greater."  [The issue isn't qualifications.  It's getting money to people with the right skin color.]

He then lists the steps he'll take.  Steps one and three are the interesting ones:

"1) Made this goal a discussion item at staff meetings."  [Everybody will be in on the redistribution.]

"3) Created a BIPOC recruitment fund of $250,000 per year for next two years."  [This is a promise that the University will engage in illegal race-based hiring, not to get the best people, but to help with "racial trauma healing" that, presumably, will remove the stain of too many inferior White people.]

When Young America's Foundation, which exposed this waste of money, began asking for documents from the university using public records requests, Eli Capilouto, the lily-White U.K. president, wrote a self-aggrandizing, defensive letter, saying that what UK was doing was for the greater good and that it would not be deterred by "such requests [that] are happening across the country."

This ritual abuse and abasement, which happens at college campuses across America, is about two things: redistributing money and leftist Whites' exhibitionist need for public self-flagellation.  If all these groveling Whites believed what they're saying, they would quit their jobs and hand them to those "BIPOCs."  Instead, they just make obeisance to the race-hustlers and then promise to spend other people's money.

All of them, whether Black or White, are disgusting human beings — as well as terribly dangerous people because of the damage they're doing to America's social and cultural cohesion.

Image: The University of Kentucky by Campaigner 444.  CC BY-SA 3.0.

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