A new 'white peril'?

"Terrorism from White Supremacy is the most lethal threat to the Homeland today, not ISIS, not al-Qaeda."  On June 1, 2021, President Biden personally told the world about the danger these white terrorists pose to America.

However, putting Biden's fear-mongering in historical context reveals a very different future for this alleged white insurgency.  Between the colonization of Hispaniola in 1492 and Kuwait in 1899, "white people" conquered nearly 90 percent of Earth's land area, some 52 million square miles (excluding Antarctica).  The subsequent displacement and decimation of native peoples, as well as a mortal competition for power between the various "white" nations, shook the whole world.  The endless global conflicts, oppression, and extermination must have provoked cries of "white terror" in countless languages.

In 1914, "whites" began their final struggle to acquire new turf.  By 1945, 28 million young whites had fallen on the battlefield.  In addition, 40 million more died in holocausts, gulags, bombings, expulsions, and nuclear fallout.

The ten million whites who fell in the First World War were, demographically speaking, petty cash.  This "war to end all wars" was especially devastating to France, where low birth rates resulted in countless families dying out in the paternal line as only their sons perished in the trenches.   

As late as 1914, out of 1,000 men of prime fighting age (15–29), at least 360 were "white."  Of the world's population, they represented only 32 percent.  But, beginning in the 15th century, the elimination of birth control in Europe created extreme fertility that greatly inflated the "white" share of the world's youth.

Therefore, "whites" had nothing to fear except other "whites."  In their wars with each other, they used the best weapons, which came from corporations that had to constantly supply more lethal material in order to survive the competition.  All this was about to change, however.  Japan's sinking of the Russian fleet in 1905 signaled that quite different talents were striving to enter the scene.  A good century later, in 2020, eight of the ten companies with most PCT patents would be  located in East Asia.

What does the future hold for the once all-powerful whites?  Between 2021 and 2035, for every 1,000 young men (ages 15–29), there will no longer be 360, but only 90 living in "white" territories.  Their share of global population has fallen to only 13 percent, but their low birth rates are pushing the youthful segments of their population far below that.  However, when racial and ethnic minorities are deducted from the census of "white nations," only 60 of their 90 young men remain.  For example, among 31 million U.S. boys under 15, there are only 16 million "whites."  Against their 80 million peers in the Caribbean and Latin America, along with 15 million Hispanics and Blacks at home, they trail by 1:6.

In Europe, with migrant shares of up to 40 percent (Germany), "whites" are found in only slightly larger numbers than in North America.  In 2020, the European Union has — in addition to 10 million newcomers resulting from immigration — only 25 million indigenous sons under the age of 15.  Africa and the Arab world, on the opposite coast, are thirteen times stronger in the same demographic segment, with 325 million.

"Whites" thus now account for only 60 of a global 1,000 offspring — one sixth their 1914 share.  As their sons grow up as only boys or children, pacifism becomes the norm.  Their U.S. component — 71 percent of whom are unfit for the military — belongs to the oldest ethnic group with an average age of 44.

It is this aging, shrinking, increasingly passive segment of America's and the world's population that an ill-advised Joe Biden now warns us is actually a terrible danger to the nation and the globe.

Gunnar Heinsohn (*1943, heinsohn-gunnar.eu) headed Europe's first institute for genocide research at the University of Bremen from 1993 to 2009.  At the NATO Defense College (NDC) in Rome, he launched war demography in 2011 and taught it until 2020.

Image: stevepb via Pixabay, Pixabay license.

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