Perhaps it's not dumb and dumber, but shrewd and sinister

Obama was the master of the straw man.  Adroitly, he threw up faux perils to the Muslim community post-9/11, many years after it was established that no such danger existed.  Instead of being the unifier, as per his campaign, Obama became the browbeater-in-chief, calling innocuous events racist as frequently as umpires yell "foul."  Coupled with his bending and bowing to world despots and dictators tour, Americans, sufficiently fearful of being labeled xenophobic and racist, were cowed into avoiding straight talk about his anti-American policies.  Blacks and whites became more polarized, as, for eight years under his presidency, America's progress and racial advances were denied. 

Now, President Biden was Obama's sidekick, seemingly just along for the ride.  Later, we learned that Biden ran a lucrative side hustle, enriching his family by extorting cash in exchange for doling out taxpayer funds to foreign countries.

After eight years of this character assassination and grift, a patriot arrived on the scene with the electrifying election of President Trump.

Recently, my nine-year-old nephew, Bode, asked: what's a patriot?  "A person who loves his country," I responded.  The difference was stark and all-encompassing.

Andrea Widburg, in her stellar post about Tucker Carlson's interview of Lara Logan, detailed all the successful pro-America policies that President Trump implemented and that his successor, President Biden, proceeded to disastrously reverse.

Unlike Obama's über-confident arrogance and silken tongue, Biden comes across as a stumbling, mumbling automaton.  And those moments are probably unrehearsed and authentic.  But there are also times when Biden coldly looks into the camera and, with flinty eyes, asserts that whatever anti-American policy he has implemented was justified.  By golly, he did it, it was right, it was the only way, and to hell with you and your concern for the consequences. 

While the mainstream media have turned and joined the conservative chorus of opprobrium, was it truly rank failure?

Or, as one recalls Hunter's laptop, the payoffs, the shakedowns, one asks: who benefits from the billions of dollars in cash and weaponry wantonly abandoned?

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