Democrats are making war

On Sunday, Joe Biden faced the nation...and lied, claiming that, unlike his own experience or that of his predecessors, no future president will have to deal with Americans dying in Afghanistan.  This was a lie because Biden himself hasn't seen any war deaths in Afghanistan. There have been no American combat causalities in Afghanistan for 18 months, thanks to Bagram Air Base.

It wasn't just Bagram making a difference.  With assists from Bagram, the Afghans had also been holding their own.  This reflected a primary military doctrine going back to WWII: if you own the skies, you own the battlespace on land and sea, because nothing can move without the threat of annihilation.  Lose air control, and you may swiftly lose the war, which is what happened with the Taliban when Bagram closed.

Before Joe's abrupt pullout, the Afghanistan theater of war was being handled by a small cadre of only 2,500 American airmen and officers who were able to subdue and restrict the movement of the Taliban and al-Qaeda.  Terrorists knew that if they showed themselves, they would be annihilated.  Terror from the skies kept them in check.

There is no modern military precedent for what Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden did: he bugged out of Bagram in the middle of the night without notifying the Afghans in advance, conducting a decommissioning or turnover ceremony to the Afghans, or properly destroying weapons and other military equipment.  The Taliban have since taken control of all the abandoned weapons and equipment, including planes.

Although we're told leaving Bagram was a considered decision, it looked remarkably like a rout.  After all, under normal military rules, Bagram should have been the last base to close.  The base commander and anyone up the chain of command involved in the base's hasty abandonment should be court-martialed.

The big question is, what was the hurry, and why was the Afghan military not part of the equation or process of withdrawal?

The facts on the ground — the intemperate, unnecessary, and secret withdrawal — lead to an obvious conclusion: those in charge meant for the weapons and equipment to fall into the hands of al-Qaeda and the Taliban.  The same people must have known that the weapons would also end up with the Chinese and Russians.  And the Chinese have already made it known that they intend to go into Afghanistan, a country rich in minerals useful in the 21st century.

And through it all, Biden proudly insists that he has no regrets, even though his actions essentially invited the Taliban to come and take Afghanistan.

The same actions are also being used to swell the changeover in America's population, for we are being told by the propaganda media that we must accept all refugees from Afghanistan.  This is looking like just another Open Borders assault from half a world away, which again redounds to the benefit to our enemies.  The Democrat party will welcome Islamist voters in the vein of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.  (And we Americans may find ourselves with lots of young Afghan men, like those in Germany and Austria.)

Thanks to the contents of Hunter Biden's computer, we also know that Joe has been using Hunter to sell the family name to the highest bidder.  (Big Tech censorship hid these facts from Americans.  Had they not done so, it could have flipped the election.)  The current scam is via Hunter's "art."  Again, absent any rational reason for abandoning Bagram, allowing both the Taliban and the Chinese to take over Afghanistan, it's looking as if Joe Biden "owed" the Chinese.

It is not hard to envision China telling a compromised president what to do or they will out him as a traitor.  Putting our weapons systems into Chinese hands looks like a deliberate act from which we may not recover.

Ironically, handing Afghanistan to the Chinese will ultimately offend Biden's base, not because of the geopolitical implications, but because of the base's climate change obsession.  China is itching to plunder Afghanistan's rare earth elements, which will lead to massive pollution.

Only first-world nations pay the price for environmental mitigation to make it as expensive as possible for a first-world country to exploit its own resources.  Moving the pollution to third-world nations to exploit has been the normal route of exploitation in the 20th, and now 21st, century for the industrialized world.  The Chinese don't care about pollution.

Nothing in politics is by accident anymore.  One can envision future payouts by others to the Biden family coffers.  There are sure to be other aspects of America that Biden will sell to the highest bidder.

Ultimately, the facts on the ground make it look as if the Democrats, with Joe Biden leading the charge, are making war against ordinary patriotic Americans and against America itself.  God help us.

Image: A fleet of cars left for the Taliban at Bagram (image edited in Pixlr).  YouTube screen grab.

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