Our own Derrick Wilburn speaks out against Critical Race Theory

For four years, while it was depressing to read about the Democrats' nonstop attacks on Trump, the news was mostly enjoyable during Trump's presidency, right until COVID and George Floyd took over: a rising economy, increased national security, a sovereign border, peace in the Middle East, low unemployment...the positive hits just kept coming.  In the seven months since Biden entered the White House, the news has been a parade of horribles, culminating in our disastrous, ignoble retreat from Afghanistan.  That's why I urge you to listen to Derrick Wilburn's statement to his local school board.  It will give you hope.

Derrick Wilburn, a Colorado resident, founded both Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives and BlackandConservative.com.  He's a prolific writer, including contributing dozens of posts to American Thinker.  He lives within District 49 in Colorado, which bills itself as the "fastest growing school district in Colorado," with 25,000 students.

It appears that School District 49, like so many school districts across America, has been roiled by Critical Race Theory (CRT).  On August 12, the Board of Education met and voted to ban teaching Critical Race Theory in the district — although it was a very close vote, breaking down with three in favor of banning it and two in favor of allowing it in classrooms.  According to the local Fox News website, the parents who turned up at the meeting strongly supported banning CRT in the classroom.  You'll certainly get that sense from their response to Derrick Wilburn's statement.

Before Wilburn spoke, John Graham, one of the school board members, told people in the audience that they should stand up if they support a speaker so the board can have a visual sense of which way the parents lean.  Just watch the room as Wilburn makes his statement about how very evil CRT is, especially when visited on vulnerable young children:

For years, conservatives have been passive.  They work and they vote, and then they think they're done.  And as Joe Strader wrote, they never consolidate their forces.  On the left, if one organization protests, they all join in.  On the conservative side, we sit back and watch the warriors.  All the people in that room, though, except for Mr. Pink Shirt, were literally making a stand for something they believe in.

We need to do more of that.  It's the only way to claw our country back to original principles: a government that works for the people, rather than people working for the government; freedom of speech; a secure border; a free market; reverence for the traditional family unit; equality before the law; respect for our fellow man, whether you view those fellows as God's creations or, atheistically, as "we're all descended from the same apes" people.

Throw in the same Judeo-Christian moral principles that guided our Founders and that they thought essential to a functioning country — and America will be back in business.  But we need to stand together, not hang out and hope the other guy does it for us.

Image: Derrick Wilburn speaks out against CRT.  YouTube screen grab.

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