The value of a fierce enemy

The value of a fierce enemy is that he forces us to recognize and overcome our weaknesses.  We are now faced with several fierce enemies.  Their actions are reprehensible.  Their crimes are horrific.  We are on their list of prospective conquests.

Today, the focus is on the Taliban, but they are not our most dangerous enemy.  Russia is worse, China is even more so, but there is a fourth enemy that overshadows them all.  Its accomplices propagandize our young people from kindergarten through college to hate Western civilization.  It even indoctrinates our soldiers to despise the country they are charged with defending.  That enemy is, as you know, the American left.

We can learn from our enemies — not to engage in their brutal crimes, but what it takes to defeat them.  The Taliban, for example, are vicious thugs, but just as a champion boxer respects his opponent's strengths, so also must we acknowledge that the Taliban have won a stunning victory.  A few years ago, we thought them defeated.  A few weeks ago, we thought we could ignore them.  They proved us wrong.  There is a reason for their success.

The Taliban have something our Republican Party has not: the courage of their convictions (despicable as their beliefs are).  They can suffer defeat after defeat, year after year, and yet relentlessly continue the fight.  They care nothing for leftist opinion.  They have no prestigious cocktail parties to attend.  They have no fear of bad press.  They care not if they are "canceled."  And they never, but never, cave in to the other side.

If evil people can be so committed to murder, torture, and oppression, then why cannot good people be even more committed to standing strong for moral principle, for biblical values, and for the Bill of Rights?  What the hell is wrong with us, and how do we overcome that?

It took the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor to awaken us from our status as the "sleeping giant."  Virtually nobody in public office at that time asked, what did we do to offend the Japanese imperialists?  How can we assuage their hurt feelings?  No.  We nuked them.

I had thought that the atrocity of 9/11/01 was going to have an effect similar to Pearl Harbor.  I had thought Americans would finally mobilize to eradicate the threat.  I was wrong.  We actually had government officials and academics openly sympathizing with the enemy.

I hope we are not yet too far gone to preserve our freedoms from the many enemies now arrayed against us.  They look upon us as weak, timid, and morally confused.  None of those enemies obsesses over personal pronouns.  "He" and "she" will do just fine.

Antifa and BLM would not survive one minute inside Russia, China, or Afghanistan.  They would be crushed before they could burn the first police station.

True, we are fettered in our opposition to evil, by the restraints imposed upon us by the very freedom we rightly revere.  We cannot go door to door, arresting people for things they said or protests they attended.  The left can do that, but not we.

We can, however, enforce the law, beginning with immigration, the most openly violated law by our government officials.  If they will not, we can.  We can organize massive civil disobedience campaigns to oppose lawless lawmakers.  We can stage 1960s-style sit-ins in our state capitols, just as the left has done more than once in recent years.  Most importantly, we can persist, for days, weeks, even months in such events, in open defiance of the imposters who rule over us.  If Antifa can, we can.

We can restore moral values in education, for example, by withdrawing our children from public schools, which invite sexual predators to give lectures to small children.  A good beginning of this has already occurred, the result of children being taught by distance-learning cameras, whereby many parents became witnesses to the shocking things their children were being taught by "woke" teachers, teachers who then had the audacity to demand that parents not watch.

We can flood the places where votes are counted with people who will not be cowed into being blocked from looking at the process.  We can demand, and get, complete transparency in the workings of election officials, but only if we stubbornly refuse to be expelled.

It will not be easy.  If we persist, then Ashli Babbitt will not be the last person murdered by leftist thugs.  The prisons will be filled to overflowing with us.  Many of us will die in the struggle for freedom, just as hundreds of thousands of our forebears were killed so we could enjoy the fruits of liberty.

The Taliban have shown us how evil succeeds.  We can show them how the forces of good triumph.

Image: tomaszmichalkania via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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