Leftist language losses linger

With a pretender napping in the Oval Office, the Chicoms practicing biological warfare on us, and the Democrat party trying to destroy our culture and nation, it would seem like a poor time to offer a minor lesson in grammar.

Not so.  Language is critical to thought, logic, and the recording of events (history and real science).  The Progressives, Democrats, socialists, and communists know this and are busy trying to distort and revise our language.

I managed to squeak through English Comp thanks to an English professor who was a saint.  I clung to her every word, and she made it simple enough for me to manage.  Thank you, ma'am.

My next English teacher was my wife.  She taught me that you can make all the rules you want, but there are exceptions to most of them, and usage — which varies over time — is king.  You are not communicating if you don't take current common usage into account.

If you do take usage into account, you will see that it breaks many of the rules.  We politely call these departures "exceptions."

Note here that in the common usage of the day, we use the word "democratic" in two ways.  As an example: "The Democrats are not very democratic."  Or "The Democratic Party is not very democratic." 

There is no parallel in the use of the word "republican."  "Republican-atic"?

The Democrats have worked hard to change the definition of many words through common usage.  A few examples:

• man

• woman

• the personal pronouns referring to men and women

• gender (now hundreds instead of two)

• invest (in reference to spending of any sort)

• fairness (what's "fair" to some but not to all)

• truth (this includes many lies)

• warrior 

• winner

• expert

• patriot

• science (whatever they want you to believe this week)

• president

An extensive list would fill several pages.

I propose a change in common usage.  No longer should we say or write, "The Democratic party of the United States ..."  That term should not refer to Democrats or their party.  If ever they were, they are no longer democratic.

The last word in the very short and incomplete list above is "president."  If somebody cheats at cards, do we say he won?  If somebody steals your car, do we refer to it as his car?  The card cheat would be called a cheat and in earlier times might not see another sunrise.  The car thief might be charged with grand theft auto and put in prison.  You might get your car back, but even if you don't, it is commonly referred to as your car.  

The current occupant of the Oval Office should never be referred to as "the president," even though no current entity or institution of the government has seen fit to take him down for grand theft presidency.  This sad fact is why we may have seen the last of democracy as the founders understood it.  

Sadly, the Progressives, Democrats, socialists, and communists have no use for democracy as the framers defined the word.  This group are the cheats.  For them, the bar is on the ground.  There is no longer any action too low for them.  They are in favor of whatever it might take to destroy our culture and our country. 

Jerry Powlas has been a naval officer, engineer, and publisher and is the author of Red State Rebellion (available through Amazon).  "Everybody should read this book and tell their friends."  He lives in the burbs of Minneapolis with his wife Karen.  When not there, they can be found sailing their boat somewhere on Lake Superior.

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