How much more obviously could Democrats show their racism?

Vermont Democrat party chair Bruce Olsson recently published a commentary proclaiming yet again that Republicans are racists.  Perhaps Mr. Olsson does not yet realize that Democrats totally own the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory, which loudly trumpet that white people are racists who have fashioned a structurally racist country.  In a mind-spinning example of cognitive dissonance, Mr. Olsson undoubtedly supports and promotes these idiotic socialist projects, yet he does not appear to realize that by doing so, he is tacitly admitting that he, too, is a racist.

In fact, half the country — Democrats — have announced that they, along with Mr. Olsson, are racists by supporting 1619/CRT.  That leftist group includes politicians, media, school boards, Big Tech, woke corporations, liberal college-educated suburban white women (the Karens), and the rest of the lunatic leftist rabble.  We have all read, seen, and heard about the terrible racist past of the Democrat Party...and finally, finally, the Dems appear to be owning up to it.

Even if they don't seem to realize it yet.

Image: MasterTux via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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