Kamala Harris tries to flee Joe Biden's sinking ship

Is Kamala Harris jumping ship?

Sure looks like it, now that Congress is talking up the 25th Amendment to remove doddering Joe Biden from office for incapacitation amid the biggest foreign policy catastrophe since the Saigon embassy rooftop evacuation of 1975.

Suddenly, Kamala doesn't seem to want to be anywhere near old Joe. 

First, there have been reports of screamings behind the scenes, according to commentator Jack Posobiec, who seems to have someone on the inside at the White House giving him the lowdown.

There's also this report from Citizen Free Press, citing multiple sources:

Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly did not want any part of facing the music on Sunday after the catastrophic collapse of Afghanistan. The U.S. humiliation on the world stage set off public demands to hear from the president; but in the absence of the Commander-in-Chief, any White House explanation about the disastrous finale in a two-decades-long war would have sufficed.

According to multiple reports, Harris was asked to address the American people on Sunday about the unraveling situation in the war-torn country, but refused. As the Taliban threatened the lives of thousands of Americans and allies in Kabul, pressure mounted on the White House to look the people in the eye and explain what happened. Yet, no one did.

A well-placed source inside the White House informs Becker News that Kamala Harris objected to addressing the nation on Sunday. The source reports that Kamala Harris could be heard screaming, “They will not pin this s*** on me!” Furthermore, the source reports that Jill Biden was at Camp David deflecting calls being made for Joe Biden.

With a tin ear of her own, Harris has refused to cancel her long-planned trip to Vietnam, home of the actual Saigon, and certainly a place where the topic of Afghanistan is going to be brought up. Fox News has the story on that here, with an insightful video clip from Greg Gutfeld.

What's more, she's making herself scarce, according to Breitbart News, perhaps to avoid questions about her own role in the Afghanistan fiasco, which is far from over.

Vice President Kamala Harris vanished from public view for five days as President Joe Biden and his administration tackled their worst foreign policy blunder to date.

Her last solo public appearance was on August 12, as she met with business leaders to discuss the importance of childcare and paid leave benefits.

Harris last appeared publicly with President Joe Biden on August 10 as they celebrated the president’s proposed infrastructure deal passing the Senate with a bipartisan majority.

The vice president was spotted in a photo released by the White House over the weekend showing President Biden attending a video conference from Camp David with Harris and other administration officials.

Since May, according to my Washington sources, she's apparently been in a sort of open rebellion against Biden anyway, over Joe's fobbing the border crisis onto her, a job that President Biden dumped into her lap with predictable failed results, and dueling negative press briefings. She's been sidelined repeatedly by Mrs. Edith Wilson -- Jill Biden, that is -- quite possibly over a string of bad decisions regarding the Afghanistan fiasco, including the business of Joe Biden hiding out in Delaware at a time of crisis.

Now there's talk from Congress of invoking the 25th Amendment, and Kamala seems to be waiting in the wings.

It's ugly, and with Biden's poll numbers sinking to Kamala levels of public disapproval, it looks as though the vice president is doing her utmost to escape responsibility for the Afghan fiasco, despite being "the last person in the room" when the awful decision on the pullout was made. She's unlikely to escape scrutiny. But like a rat on a sinking ship, she's paddling away as fast as she can.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of public domain sources

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