Taliban makes Democrats, Joe Biden, and social media into figures of fun

The terrorist dirtbags of the Taliban, having had the entire nation of Afghanistan handed to them by Joe Biden, are now having a grand old time mocking the media world the Democrats have created. They're gibing at Democrat-endorsed social media censorship, making Joe Biden and his fawning press a figure of fun, and using their own access to social media to consolidate power.  Grotesquely enough, they know where the U.S. vulnerabilities are, given the house the Democrats have built.

It starts with this kind of rubbish: 

I don't know whether this is a real picture or a Photoshop, but it was first passed around by a blue-check mainstream journalist, probably from Pakistan, who seems to have rather close ties to the Taliban. He's got nearly 29,000 followers and Devin Nunes, ranking Republican member on the House intelligence committee, thinks he's important enough to follow.

Obviously, this kind of trolling, pointing to the utter triviality of Joe Biden's fawning press obsessed with asking Joe ice cream questions instead of serious ones -- as Afghanistan was falling into their hands -- is something they wanted out there and it's getting around.

It gets worse. The Taliban has also closely watched the unchecked censorship on monopoly social media, home of where most news has migrated and decided to rub its censorship practices into the Democrat-linked press's face.

According to the Daily Mail:

The Taliban spokesman on Tuesday mockingly responded to a question about whether their government would respect freedom of speech - telling the journalist to ask Facebook.

The Taliban is banned from Facebook and its subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as TikTok and YouTube - but it is allowed on Twitter

Zabihullah Mujahid, who has 310,000 followers on Twitter, was asked about the Taliban's plan for freedom of speech.

'This question should be asked to those people who are claiming to be promoters of freedom of speech who do not allow publication of information,' he replied. 

'I can ask Facebook company.'

Facebook only started shutting Taliban accounts down once criticism got out about the Taliban operating freely on Facebook while America's 45th president's account was apparently permanently shut down. It's likely they would have left them up otherwise, but the hypocrisy of their skewed stance was just too much for them.

Twitter continues to ban Trump, though, while the Taliban operates freely there. 

The whole thing calls to mind that social media censorship is a problem in a nation that claims a First Amendment right to freedom of expression yet hardly has one. How the Taliban must be giggling about it. And how it has likely emboldened them, given that they have no intention of having a free press in the country they just took over. It shows how shortsighted the people behind this censorship who benefit from it, must think nobody abroad notices.

The problem in fact starts with the claim that social media companies doing the censoring are private companies who are free to censor as they want. The problem gets ugly though when we learn that these companies are monopolies, and worse still, subject to Democrat regulators, and various Democrats have been telling them what to censor -- a beyond-the-state act of censorship that's effectively one political party censoring dissidents and opponents. That's what communist parties in Soviet states and satellites used to do, a grotesque politicization of government. Democrats for months now have been happy with this thumb-on-the-scale-of-justice situation, having their cake of being able to claim a free press in the U.S., and censoring unfavorable news on the side with the alacrity of the East Germans. Now the Taliban has blown that fraud apart, and what an embarrassment that it was they who did it.

The other problem is that social media has served as an enabler for the Taliban, in this case, Twitter.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Taliban leaders used Twitter and WhatsApp to spread propaganda and establish control over Kabul as they stormed the Afghan capital over the weekend. 

On Monday, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted that residents welcomed the Taliban and that "the situation in Kabul is under control." The jihadist group used WhatsApp to disseminate a similar message to Kabul residents as it entered the city. In recent days, Taliban leaders have circulated WhatsApp numbers that Afghan regime officials or soldiers could call to negotiate their surrender.


The Taliban has used WhatsApp and Twitter for years to share official statements, but in the past week it has escalated its use of the platforms, using WhatsApp to announce new rules for Kabul residents.

On Monday, Mujahid tweeted a warning against looting and unauthorized intimidation of Afghan officials. The Taliban's "complaint commission" posted WhatsApp numbers for city residents to call "if they face threats from anyone" and set up an emergency broadcast system via the app as well.

Twitter and Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, regularly banned ISIS members from their platforms. But the sites appear to let the Taliban broadcast its messages without incident. 

Twitter's response to this travesty, serving as the Taliban communications center, has been disgusting:

One can only hope that they can be sued by all the relatives of the dead people as the Taliban conducts house-to-house searches and gets the execution stadiums ready now.

But of course, the Taliban knows that Democrats will do nothing, which is why they are having such a grand old time trolling now.

They know that the Democrats have one goal, and that's Getting Trump. That's why they permit this violation of the First Amendment and any other lawlessness that they know they can get away with. The Constitution be damned.

The Taliban knows this and that's behind all the Taliban merriment, with mocking troll memes on Joe and his fawning press being passed around on social media, claims to social media censorship hypocrisy, and Twitter allowing itself to become the Taliban command center for the vilest terrorist regime on earth.

Had enough? The 25th Amendment can't come soon enough, and it's way past time for our country to clean house.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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