How to make a virus vaccine-resistant

From the start, the psychological ploy driving COVID compliance has been to demonize those determined to lead normal lives: "Wearing a mask is not to protect you: it's to protect others (you selfish jerk)."  "Social gatherings are super-spreader events (you Trump-loving idiot)."

Normal is the new evil.

Sticking to this playbook, the left and its enablers now blame the unvaccinated for the spread of new vaccine-resistant COVID strains.  Pressure is ramping up for the young, the healthy, and the skeptical to submit to Doctor Pfizer or face increasing consequences.  This includes losing your job at Walmart, because, well, because COVID.

Let's peel this pandemic onion of its layers of lies:

No virus ever became vaccine-resistant without first encountering a vaccine.  How dumb do they think we are?  Was there a penicillin-resistant bacteria problem before penicillin was invented?  No.  If the COVID-19 virus is changing and thereby making the vaccine less effective, that is solely due to the vaccine, not the unvaccinated.  Every time there is a "breakthrough" infection of a vaccinated person, that involves by definition a form of the virus that was, or has adapted to become, vaccine-resistant.

This vaccine is not the final solution.  Lindsey Graham feels his breakthrough COVID case would have been worse had he been unvaccinated.  How would he know?  Donald Trump's COVID case was cured in a few days.  Many unvaccinated people never have symptoms at all.  All we really know is that Sen. Graham's vaccine did not work and that he has helped create a vaccine-resistant strain.

Any increase in case numbers is not due to the unvaccinated.  It's a no-brainer that even if only 40 percent of the population were vaccinated, cases should be much lower than otherwise.  More protected people means fewer people to get sick.  Am I wrong?  The same applies, by the way, to masks and lockdowns: if they worked, COVID would have been stamped out by now.  They don't work.  Like all coronaviruses, this one will be with us in various forms, pretty much forever.  It's really not a pandemic at this point; it's just a useful tool for tyrants big and small.

It is not irrational to avoid the experimental vaccine.  For one thing, the shots seemed to make everyone under 50 whom I know sick for one to three days.  Why give yourself the flu to prevent the flu?  For another, some people apparently die from the vaccine — at least 5,000 in the U.S. alone that we know of. And if an 88-year-old woman dies of unexplained bleeding around the heart a month after vaccination (like my aunt), don't expect anyone to investigate for a vaccine linkage.  Others suffer major post-vaccine medical problems, perhaps for life.  For me, it's one thing to catch a virus and die; it's quite another to die or ruin my health because I actively injected something into my body that can never be undone.  The chances of a healthy, non-obese person dying from a COVID infection are close to zero; I rationally choose the low-risk natural path.

The best protection is not necessarily the vaccine.  Rather, the vaccine is the best way to ensure that you are stuck on a treadmill of never-ending booster shots and have no chance to develop a normal, natural immunity that could optimize itself for conditions as they evolve.  The vaccine could indeed make sense for the old, the fat, and the frightened.  For healthy people, COVID-19 never was particularly deadly, and now it's even less so.

Distrust is not a sign of stupidity.  It's a valid decision tool.  When government hacks and their corporate bullies block all debate and label medical logic as "misinformation," why would anyone trust them?  They were wrong about the virus's origins.  They were wrong to claim that lockdowns and masks made any difference.  They were wrong about the deadliness of the virus.  They were wrong about ventilators.  Now they are wrong about the supposed urgency of the less lethal delta variant.  I'm betting they're wrong to force healthy people onto the vaccination treadmill.

This is what corrupt leadership in a modern "democracy" looks like: the full weight of the state, dictating a flawed solution to fight an overblown pandemic.

Martin Fuentes is an American in Europe.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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