Fauci’s fitting award

“A man is known by the company he keeps.” That is the moral of one of Aesop’s fables.

A telling event just took place that I have not seen covered in the conservative press. Anthony Fauci recently received the highest award given by one of the country’s most prominent left-wing social justice organizations. The American Humanist Association just bestowed on Fauci its Humanist of the Year award.

The American Humanist Association earlier this year stripped this award from Richard Dawkins, after 25 years!

Richard Dawkins was stripped of the award for not being devout enough to woke social justice (he had made dismissive comments about transsexuals). Apparently, Fauci is an impeccably devout social justice warrior in the battle against individualism, Americanism, and free enterprise. Clearly then when conservatives view Fauci as having an Anti-American political agenda they are not being paranoid.

The American Humanist Association is all about dogma, only not from a Christian or traditional Western point of view, but a leftist one. The AHA website proclaims its mission as “advocating progressive values.”  Progressives like the AHA  bend science to serve a belief system as much as any fundamentalists.

The progressive position is that there is no genetic basis to gender differences, no genetic basis to intelligence, which does not exist in measurable form, no genetic basis to cultural practices, and there is no genetic basis to personality differences. Humans are amenable to total social engineering by a benevolent all-powerful state in order to create a socialist utopia. This is the only acceptable view in progressive circles, and any deviation resulting in being canceled, and relegated to virtual gulags today and actual gulags tomorrow.

The goal of the American Humanist Association is the undermining of America and the implementation of leftist social engineering with its destruction of the western values of personal freedom, responsibility, and productive work. The AHA stands for one world total government, censorship, and collectivism. These are also the goals of Fauci, and the reasons for the creation of the Wuhan virus and the implementation of lockdowns.

Look at Fauci’s friends and allies. Then decide if his pronouncements on the Wuhan virus come from objective science, or from leftist political agenda-driven science?

Image: American Humanist Association

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