Big Pharma and its vaccines

One of the biggest proponents behind the vaccine mania has been the health establishment. 

Why? Is it to protect public health from a deadly virus? How can that be the case when the mortality rate is relatively low for the Wuhan flu.

After all, the average (IFR) death rate of COVID is a mere 0.26% of those infected (this is the stat that the media consistently and deliberately refuses to mention in public). This means that 99.7% of the public is in no danger from COVID whether they are vaccinated or not.

The answer for the vaccine push has many facets and here I'll focus on just one -- Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry is a central part of the health establishment. It's the tail that wags that dog. Not surprisingly, it comes down to money. Last week, it was reported that pharmaceutical giants are raking in the money with the sale of their novel and inadequately tested COVID-19 vaccines. Pfizer expects to earn $33.5 billion in 2021. J&J estimates its full-year COVID-19 vaccine sales to be $2.5 billion while Moderna forecasts $19.2 billion. This is big money.

Pfizer has said it believes a third 'booster' dose of its vaccine will be needed in the future, which you help it bring in more sales in 2022. The company said it would file on July 28 for an emergency use authorization for a potential booster as early as August.

The Wuhan flu is proving to be a money tree for Big Pharma. As they keep shaking it, dollars fall into their lap.

Now a 'delta' variant has emerged. Will there soon be an epsilon variant and then a zeta one? Why not? We all know viruses naturally mutate. Where will it end, at an omega variant? Come hell or high water, you can be sure Big Pharma will be pushing its products. Corporate bonuses and the value of stock options are at stake.

Big Pharma has the muscle to push its vaccines. When it comes to lobbying money spent in 2021, the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America group ranks number three nationally. Interestingly, the fourth, fifth, and sixth positions are also members of the health establishment. These are the American Hospital Association, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and the American Medical Association, respectively. Pfizer by itself is number 15. This is power to make their voices heard. And Big Pharma does more than just use its money to buy politicians to do its bidding. It calls the tune much of the media dances to through advertising dollars. 

Here is what Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote in the forward of The Truth About COVID-19 by Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummings.

Big Pharma's $9.6 billion annual advertising budget gives these unscrupulous companies control over our news and television outlets. Strong economic drivers (pharmaceutical companies are the biggest network advertisers) have long discouraged mainstream media outlets from criticizing vaccines manufacturers. In 2014, [Fox] network president, Roger Ailes, told me he would fire any of his new show hosts who allowed me to talk about vaccine safety on air. "Our news division," he explained, "gets up to 70% of its ad revenue from pharma in non-election years.

So in conjunction with the censorship by Silicon Valley giants like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, Big Pharma is manipulating the public to accepting the party line on vaccines. That message says the vaccines are both safe and effective. Neither claim has yet to be proven.

Image: Mike Licht

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