Chase Bank just canceled General Michael Flynn –UPDATE


Chase Bank does about-face, apologizes for Gen. Flynn credit card cancellation letter, says it 'made an error'

There's a new front in the progressive war to turn our nation into a dystopian society ruled by left-wing autocrats who seek to punish anyone who does not fall in line with their dictatorial rules.  Conservatives have seemingly become inured to the cancel culture that silences their voices in classrooms, across social media, and in corporate board rooms, but the campaign against them is intensifying with the aid of some corporate behemoths.

Michael Flynn, a retired three-star general who served our country with distinction, notwithstanding the Democrats' attempts to malign and jail him simply because he was a Trump-supporter and appointed to head the National Security Agency, just had his credit cards canceled by Chase Bank.  Chase claimed that it was doing so due to "reputational risk."  And while Snopes and others concluded they could not confirm the authenticity of the letter from Chase to Flynn, which was posted on social media and has since gone viral, Chase has declined comment on the matter, leading to the conclusion that the cancelation of Flynn's cards did in fact occur.


It's bad enough that a former president of the United States was banned from social media platforms as so many conservative voices have been.  We have come to expect social media companies to ban conservative voices, just as Obama's IRS attempted to cancel conservative non-profit organizations and conservative voices are shouted down or prohibited on college campuses, in town board meetings, and elsewhere in our formerly civil society that used to respect the Constitution and its freedom protections.  Under the control of liberal lunatics, the First Amendment is now permitted for me only if I'm liberal, not for thee if you go off the reservation with conservative viewpoints. 

Thus, we live in a society resembling Soviet Russia, with our Democrat-controlled "state-run media" looking more and more like Pravda and our major institutions feeling more and more as though the Chinese Communist Party is in control.  Americans on the left have no problem that Iranian, Hezb'allah, and other terrorists have free access to social media, university classrooms, and corporate boardrooms, but political conservatives?  They must be banned from society, lest their ideas actually be considered, debated, and adopted as valid.

The latest shockingly audacious move by Chase Bank, which apparently believes that making money from someone who worked for Donald Trump is not worth the risk to its reputation (as if any American actually considered where Flynn or other conservatives do their banking), should frighten every American.  Progressive ideology (which is actually anything but progressive) is forcing nuns to provide abortions to young women, Christians to bake cakes for gay "weddings," and corporate boardrooms to include quotas on minorities and women, lest they be canceled themselves for not abiding by the authoritarian dictates taking hold across America.

And if the apparent Chase decision reflects what we can expect from these woke boardrooms and corporations that fulfill quotas rather than hire the most qualified, we're doomed.  Ben & Jerry's is run by an anti-Semite who recently announced a complete boycott of Israel, and the left in America cheers.  Black Lives Matter rioters destroyed cities and businesses last summer, and the left cheered the so-called "peaceful protests."  Businesses scramble to hire more and more "people of color" who are not necessarily qualified for the positions in which they're inserted (including commercial airplane pilots and medical school students), but hey, we're virtual-signaling so what can go wrong?

George Floyd, a career criminal drug addict, is now a national hero with streets and schools being named after him while statues of our true national heroes like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are torn down.  And Obama's former secretary of education, Arne Duncan, believes that people who do not feel comfortable getting the COVID vaccine are the moral equivalent of the ISIS-K suicide bombers who killed 13 U.S. servicemen and women and 160 Afghan civilians.  This is the guy who headed up our Department of Education, so we shouldn't be surprised that when Democrats control education, they cancel achievement exams, math facts, and conservative voices — so they can destroy the minds of our youths and future leaders.

When our country has to face China on the world stage, let alone the military battlefield (as the Democrats gut the U.S. military in order to fund free stuff for people who haven't earned anything), the kids who are taught that 2+2 actually doesn't equal 4, who can't read or write as they sail through high school graduation, and who will be hired to fly United Airlines airplanes will be the ones leading the country.  But Michael Flynn presents a reputational risk to Chase Bank.  The insanity is never-ending.  And if it's not already there, it's coming to a pre-school and K–12 program, college campus, business and corporate boardroom, newsroom, and now bank near you.

Without a statement by Chase, we'll never know the reasoning behind the cancelation of General Flynn's credit cards.  And without a statement, we can only assume that Flynn was canceled for being on the wrong side of woke ideology that is tearing this country apart and leading to its demise.  When the woke determine that you cannot bank with them, speak in their classroom or on social media, or abide by your religious convictions — that you basically lose all of your rights for thinking differently — you wake up to realize that things may be far worse than Orwell predicted.

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