The world's best armed terror state begins to master the weapons Biden left in its hands

A video purporting to show the Taliban hanging someone from a captured Blackhawk helicopter only hints at the disastrous consequences of the inept U.S. pullout from Afghanistan.

We don't know if this is genuine...

...but we do know that billions of dollars of weaponry have been surrendered to the Taliban, and despite their adherence to seventh-century ways of living, they can acquire (or their friends in China, Russia, Iran, or nuclear-armed Pakistan can teach them) skills necessary to operate them.

It's not just Blackhawk helicopters.

I am deeply concerned about the armed drones that we apparently left behind.  They can't fly over here from Afghanistan, but they can be smuggled on ships and placed in locations where they can expose citizens of The Great Satan to the same sort of "Death from Above" that has befallen jihadis.

What about the thousands of night-vision goggles left behind?  Terrorists around the world could level the nighttime playing field with our troops using them.  And the communications equipment?  Have scramblers been compromised?

Constantinople, the seat of the Roman Empire, fell to less technologically advanced Turks when they acquired cannons capable of demolishing the city walls.  The slaughter and other horrors that followed boggle the mind.  Do you think the Taliban and other jihadists are any less brutal?

Hat tip: Peter Chowka.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab (cropped).

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