Australia has gone stark, raving mad

Australia's New South Wales has gone stark, raving mad.  Eleven days ago, it renewed complete lockdowns, including barring people from speaking to each other, thanks to a few hundred new cases and the deaths of two men in their 90s.  These new cases were on top of the 12,588 cases and 91 deaths since last February, out of a population of 5.3 million — in other words, numbers that aren't even a statistical blip.

That, it turns out, was the beginning.  The state shepherded tens of thousands of children into arenas and injected them with vaccines, it's arresting people for leaving their homes, and it's shooting dogs.  No wonder Australians are starting to riot.

On August 12, I wrote about the decision in New South Wales (which is the most populous state and home to Sydney, Australia's largest city) to reinstate lockdowns.  For a disease with a >98% survival rate, people were told they could leave their homes only to get food, go to work, or get medical treatment.  Even worse, aside from telling people to refrain from all social interactions, the premier, Gladys Berejiklian, told people to inform on each other, a classic totalitarian move that destroys familial and social bonds.

Meanwhile, Canberra, Australia's capital city, has announced that there's a goal for the lockdown: it will continue until the virus is gone.  Of course, viruses are never gone, especially viruses that have been manufactured in a lab to go directly to a human host, without the necessity of an intervening animal.  Even if Canberra temporarily gets to zero cases, the moment people from the outside world enter (and they will), COVID comes right back again.

Believe it or not, it got worse after that.

By August 16, the new rule was that if you wanted to drink alcohol outdoors (perhaps on your patio, given how locked in everyone was), you had to keep your mask on.  Maybe there's some logic behind that but I don't see it.

The Australian government also went after the children.  The Health Minister announced that 24,000 children would be herded into a stadium — without their parents — and injected:

Think about this: we know that children almost never get or give COVID.  They are less likely to die from COVID than they are from the annual flu.  We also know that the vaccine doesn't work, and, worse, it seems to make people more vulnerable to COVID variants.  Also, the vaccine seems to trigger heart problems in young people, especially teen boys.  And that's just what the various government agencies around the world will admit to.  Parents, though, have no say, since Australia has incredibly punitive vaccination laws that do not allow conscientious objections.

But even that isn't where Australia's madness ends.  In New South Wales, they're now slaughtering all shelter dogs lest the people who care for them worry about the fact that, with the lockdown, the dogs in the shelter are starving to death.

While many Australians seem happy living under Big Brother, others are refusing to do so.  There've been mass riots, with people pushing through police lines to get even a little bit of liberty:

As they have from the beginning, the Australian police seem very happy with the power that's been handed to them.

This is all terribly ironic in a country that was started as a penal colony to which England shipped its prisoners.  At least when the prisoners arrived there, after working out their sentence as indentured labor, they could be free.  Now Australia is a true penal colony, with every citizen a prisoner and the children ripe for the state's medical experiments.

It's also worth noting that, if it were not for the Constitution, this is undoubtedly what our American governing class would like to impose upon us.  However, as Al Sharpton so memorably said, "Resist we much!"  Join Sally Zelikovsky's mailing list, gather with other conservative groups to increase your strength, and refuse to let the wokesters cow you.  The Constitution is a magnificent document, and, unlike leftists, we can and will be heard while operating within the rule of law.

UPDATE: Since I wrote the above, New South Wales has increased its COVID lockdown rules, closing more retailers, limiting exercise to 1 hour per day (masked, of course), and authorizing authorities to seal entire buildings, just as the CCP did in February 2020.

Image: Australians making a break for freedom.  Twitter screen grab.

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