Cacklin' Kamala giggles as reporter starts to ask her about Americans stranded in Afghanistan

The vice president of the United States just can't help herself.  She is so uncomfortable in the phony persona that she has constructed for political use that she bursts out with an uncomfortable-to-hear cackle whenever any slight potential threat awaits her in a personal interaction.  When Kamala's worried about a difficult question, the cackle is on its way.  When she's unsure how to answer?  More cackling.

Remember when Donald Trump was denounced for being "unpresidential"?  What's more unpresidential than an inability to suppress a shrill cackle in a serious moment?

The following video takes only 34 seconds:

But we have the rest of our lives to regret that this woman is in a position to succeed a president whose mind has already deteriorated to the point where he is unable to discharge the duties of his office.  She looks like an insurance policy for Biden's presidency more with each passing day.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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