Yet another reminder why the Second Amendment matters

At 4 A.M., most homeowners are fast asleep and pretty darn vulnerable — especially when four armed men kick their door down.  However, one Phoenix homeowner wasn't just awake for the assault but also was armed and fired first.  The footage showing the assailants stumble away from the hail of bullets reminds us again why the Second Amendment is so important.

I've been brooding all day about something missing from the story, which is an explanation of why the homeowner was standing there waiting when the four bad guys came for him.  Did he (or she) have a barking dog?  Was he a light sleeper?  Did he just come home from the graveyard shift?  Was this a gang matter, and he was expecting trouble?  The stories don't say.

What we do know is that, at 4 A.M., four armed men went to the home.  They tried to disable the security camera, but that failed, which is why we have this amazing footage.

One of the men kicked down the front door.  You just know that all four of them, when they imagined the break-in going down, saw themselves storming into the place, perhaps intimidating the inhabitants with their guns to rob them or maybe just firing indiscriminately at anyone they saw.

Whatever their plans were, they didn't last beyond the door bursting open.  The homeowner was waiting inside, and he got off the first shots.  It turns out that, despite their numeric advantage, when four untrained men face a hail of bullets, they don't think of firing back.  All they think of is running away as fast and as far as they can:

It does not appear that any of the men involved have been caught yet.

One of the useful things about the internet is that, for many Americans who've lived fairly sheltered lives, it gives them a chance to see the truth behind the expression that "when seconds count, the police are minutes away."  Moreover, the more good guys are out there who can and will use guns defensively, the less incentive there is for bad guys to use them offensively.  As another old saying goes, "an armed society is a polite society."

Image: Woman with a pistol by Pexels.  Pixabay license.

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