This is why nobody watches CNN

We've posted this year about CNN's ratings collapse.

Nobody is watching the network.

President Biden's town hall at CNN is Exhibit A of why you see people reading books rather than watching "the first name in the news" at airports.  How much crap can a good man take?

I agree with Jack Butler's summary of this farce:

If CNN had any shame or respect for the citizens of a self-governing republic, the network would never air one of these idiotic events again. But don't expect that to happen anytime soon.

Of course, if CNN had any shame, then it would have put a serious host rather than a partisan.

First, the host would have asked President Biden about Delaware's voting laws — i.e., isn't easier to vote in Texas than Delaware, Mr. President?

Second, a real host would have challenged President Biden about his claim of wanting to unite the country — i.e., how are you uniting the country, Mr. President, by issuing executive orders rather than finding common ground?

Third, Mr. President, what scientist told you it's OK to bring a million people in the middle of pandemic?

It was a waste of time.  Did we learn anything?  I didn't.  Did you?

The only good news is that most people did not watch it.

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Image: Factbase videos via YouTube video, screen shot.

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