The latest White House spin about Hunter Biden's art is a doozy

To catch you up, Hunter Biden creates "artwork" by snorting through a straw, er, blowing through a straw.  Although the artwork isn't as good as most of the stuff at Z Gallerie, Hunter's gallery-owner expects to get up to $500,000 per piece.  To assure Americans that this isn't just a way for corrupt people and nations to buy even more access to Joe "Name Your Price" Biden, the White House promises that Hunter and Joe will never know who the purchasers are.  Except that we learned today that Hunter will know.  Sadly, my first response was, "Meh, it's just more of the same" — but of course, that's what they want us to think.

Before getting to the worrisome practical implications of my ennui, let me fill you in on the story:

First son Hunter Biden is expected to meet with prospective buyers at shows carrying his artwork later this year in New York and Los Angeles, raising new ethical concerns about influence peddling tied to the sales, according to a report.

President Biden's son is expected to appear at during a private affair in Los Angeles and a larger show in the Big Apple, Georges Berges Gallery spokeswoman Robin Davis told CBS News.

"He's looking forward to it. It is like someone debuting in the world. And of course he will be there," Davis said.

Davis said the potential buyers "will be vetted … so whomever is appropriate will be attending."

I'm sure that you're as relieved as I am to know that the gallery will be "vetting" people so only "appropriate" people will attend.  Maybe they'll be appropriate representatives of Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin, with an appropriate Mexican drug cartel member thrown into the mix with a thank-you purchase for Joe Biden's leaving the southern border wide open.

In other words, there are going to be secret handshakes and "nudge, nudge, wink, winks" galore at these gallery openings, as buyers get organized so that everybody knows in advance who bought what and for how much.  That's why, after the fact, the White House can say, "No, we don't need, and didn't ask, to hear details about the sales."

Jen Psaki, who really deserves kudos for her ability to lie and spin with an absolutely straight face, and even a snarky attitude that implies you're a lesser person for doubting her credibility, was in top form when a journalist (surprisingly) pushed her about this ethical problem:

Poor Hunter just needs room to "work in his profession within appropriate safeguards."  And here you thought his profession was to be a "lobbyist, banker, public administration official, and registered lobbyist-firm attorney" (which is what his Wikipedia entry says) or to act as an oil and gas expert in Ukraine or whatever it was he did when the Chinese bought his father.  And we can totally trust that neither Hunter nor anyone connected with the White House would dream of informational conversations at the gallery.

The important thing is that "Hunter Biden, just like any child of a president, should be able to pursue their professions and their passions, and any selling of the art will be through the gallerist."  Of course, Hunter isn't "any child of a president."  He's a 51-year-old possibly reformed crack addict who has a long history of engaging in deals that look remarkably like selling access to his politically connected father, who then, according to Hunter's hard drive, gets a cut from those deals.

As I said, the worst part of this whole story was 6that my first reaction was to think that this whole thing is too boring even to write about.  It's just another story about Biden positioning his son to rake in money from shady characters and countries buying access to the White House.  This will never stop. And then I slapped myself hard and said, "Snap out of it, girl!  This is what they want you to feel.  They're going to bury America in so many smarmy, lied-about, spun transactions that we'll get corruption fatigue and they'll get a pass."

That is precisely what's going on here.  The leftists are coming at us like mosquitoes puffed with malaria-filled blood.  They're going to overwhelm us with bites and leave us inert.  We must strap on the mental DDT and fight back as hard on their most recent lie or corrupt act as we did with the preceding 10, 50, or 500 lies or corrupt acts.

And when I say "we," I mean the public.  Subject to a few exceptions for which we are grateful, congressional Republicans are neutered or complicit in the corruption.  The elections in 2022 are coming up fast, and we cannot shirk our duties to campaign in whatever capacity we are able and vote for true constitutional conservatives as if our children's future depends on it.

Image: Biden's Art Gallery by Mogey.

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