Texas fleebag Democrats get even more ridiculous

The irresponsibility and clownishness of Texas's fleebag legislators keep mounting.  In a quest to make themselves heroes again, they've called for donations for themselves:

This is embarrassing, given that they are still pulling in their state government salaries, as well as a reported $211 per diem for expenses.  They have a private jet, private limos, the beck and call of the mainstream media, and whatever else they want from their moneybag sponsors.

Yet here they are, calling for donations, throwing in Dr. Pepper as a means of claiming they're somehow "real Texans."  Dr. Pepper, of course, is headquartered in Plano, Texas, a large wealthy city north of Dallas.

Naturally, the appeal made them figures of fun.

The Daily Wire has curated an assortment.

The best retort is from fellow Texan Ted Cruz, who could see what they were doing with that Dr. Pepper reference:

His mockery was in response to this picture — which has since become a meme — one of the first out the gate as the smiling Texas legislators fled their state to prevent a vote on election integrity, amounting to a heckler's veto:

They refused to wear masks, they flew with a God-awful beer on the seats (not a good Texas craft brew), they hopped out of the plane and took selfies, they sang together like drunks, getting the words wrong, and then they made the rounds in Washington — with at least six of them catching and spreading COVID to the White House and Congress, culminating in White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki refusing to state how many White House staffers now have the disease and Joe Biden refusing to meet them.  This, despite the fact that the AP reported that Biden considered the matter "a central cause of his presidency" and a White House staffer early on said that Biden "applauds their courage."  Nevertheless, he wouldn't get in the same room with them, nor even take a Zoom picture, which said a lot.  They whined about it, since Biden called the "voting rights" battle "a test of our time" and "a national imperative."  But he still didn't want to be seen with them even though he encouraged them. 


Now it's tears and flapdoodle time, and the fleebaggers like you to know that they need "donations," of nutritious sustenance like Dr. Pepper, since they supposedly can't afford it on their own.

Was there ever a more disgusting, unworthy bunch in the legislative minority in Texas?  Even if I were a left-wing voter in that state, I'd vote them out.

These people are a total embarrassment, a middle-ring clown act, in a party full of clowns.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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