It's not the vaccine, stupid

Why do so many Americans resist being vaccinated against COVID?  Or is that what they are actually resisting?  

When I was a child, I was vaccinated against a number of deadly diseases.  As an adult, I had my own child vaccinated.  On the whole, vaccinations have saved countless lives and prevented epidemics that would otherwise have ravaged our nation and others.  

Yet today, with a pandemic that has gripped the entire world with fears of a plague of (what they call) biblical proportions, there is more resistance to vaccination than ever before.  In reaction, there are calls for "vaccine mandates," which would effectively force injections upon the population in vast numbers.  Why do so many people adamantly refuse to "take the shot"?  

There is a reason.  Millions of Americans no longer trust their government.   The political left dismisses this distrust with its usual accusations of conservative ignorance, extremism, and racism, but those words, overused for many years, no longer coerce most Americans.  

I know people who took the vaccine because their personal physicians, whom they trust, recommended it.  They were hesitant to accept that advice, but because of additional factors such as advanced age and complicated health issues, they finally gave in, fearing that for them, an infection might mean a death sentence.   

However, when a bureaucrat demands that you be injected with a substance hidden behind walls of government censorship and secrecy, those with low risk factors are correct to be suspicious.  When that distrusted government starts making threats, it only further increases the suspicion.

To this day, there is no official, plausible statement regarding the origin of the China Virus.  (Even calling it by that name is deemed racist.)  There is a case to be made as follows:  the virus was engineered in a Chinese bioweapons research and development facility in the city of Wuhan.  It was released, either deliberately or through culpable negligence.  It then spread worldwide, due to the premeditated deception and travel policies of the Chinese government.  

If this case is factual (the evidence for it is impressive), then China has committed an overt act of war and killed millions of people in the process.  Worse yet, it indicates a complete willingness of the Chinese communist government, in the near future, to recklessly inflict millions more deaths in the pursuit of its imperial designs.  We can expect more, and worse, from them.  

What if that case is not factual?  If not, then one would expect complete and total transparency, from the Chinese, from the World Health Organization, and from the United States government.  None of them has been forthcoming.  Quite to the contrary, there has been continual reversal and self-contradiction in the official U.S. and WHO declarations.  The facts are shrouded in secrecy.  The Chinese government audaciously rejects any form of inspection and, indeed, punishes those of its people who speak out.  

Combine these facts with other, unrelated reasons for which Americans distrust their government.  For example, why do Democrats so stubbornly resist audits of the 2020 elections if they have nothing to hide?  Why doesn't Joe Biden take the cognitive abilities test that Democrats insisted President Trump take?  (Trump passed with flying colors.)  Why are there no significant prosecutions of leftist demonstrators who burned large areas of cities, but people who defended their property are punished?  These are trust issues of major importance, yet the government turns a deaf ear.  Officials demand that we comply with their capricious regulations, and then themselves disobey those orders without consequence, as if they regard themselves not as our public servants, but as our masters and overlords.  

Now those same government officials who do all that are approaching us with a needle and asking us to allow them to inject who-knows-what into our bodies, with absolutely zero credible studies about the long-term effects.  

Utterly lacking in self-awareness, they wonder why we would even question them. 

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