Biden's and the renegade Texas Democrats' Orwellian posturing

I had planned a truly epic post that would look at Biden's statement today about the Republicans' attack on democracy (the worst, he claimed, since the Civil War), along with the disgraceful posturing from the Texas Democrats who took a mask-free flight to Washington, D.C. so they wouldn't have to vote on a bill that would require people to show photo ID to vote and that would remove ineligible voters from Texas's voter rolls.  Then I watched Tucker Carlson tonight and saw that he'd been even more epic than I could have been.

So this post will consist of Tucker's tremendous opening monologue, along with a few more remarks from me, including a heartening update about the situation in Texas:

Tucker Carlson didn't point out something that, in a way, struck me as profoundly important about those renegade Texas Democrats: they didn't know the words to "We Shall Overcome."  As you may have heard, they kept singing "We Will Overcome."

Maybe I'm showing my age, but "We Shall Overcome" truly was the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement.  Here's footage of Joan Baez in 1963 leading Americans in singing "We Shall Overcome" — and this was at a time when Blacks in the Democrat-run South could easily find themselves attacked by dogs, with crosses burned on their lawns, or even lynched:

Although I'm not old enough to remember the March on Washington, I remember as a small child watching on television impassioned people who really were fighting for their constitutional rights singing that song.  Moreover, throughout my childhood and much of my adulthood, back when Martin Luther King was still revered rather than viewed as a problematic Black man who loved God and America and believed in the Second Amendment, television retrospectives routinely showed freedom-loving Americans of all colors singing "We Shall Overcome."

Now, though, the same people who contend that requiring photo ID to vote is as damaging to civil rights as slavery and a war that killed over 600,000 Americans don't even bother to know the lyrics to the Civil Rights anthem.  These people are evil clowns.  Sure, they're fighting, but it's not for civil rights.  Instead, they're fighting for absolute power.  They understand that all this civil rights talk is a means to a completely different end and, therefore, a joke.

There is good news, though, about those renegade Texas Dems.  Before I get to it, because Biden has figured in this story, I want to note that there is no good news about Biden.  He is the most disgraceful excuse for a human being ever to set foot in the White House, let alone lay claim to the Oval Office.

While I don't have a fully defined view of the afterlife, I sincerely hope that there is one in which Joe Biden will have to answer to a Higher Power for his decades of divisive politics and extraordinary corruption.  Every time he opens his mouth today, we are reminded again that he is his own picture of Dorian Gray, a man whose lifelong corruption, creepiness, and meanness are oozing from his very being like the miasma rising from a swamp filled with rotting matter.

But back to those Democrats...Texas Senate Democrats are not fully on board:

The Texas State House of Representatives has voted to arrest the Democrat members who fled to Washington DC in an effort to block quorum for a legislative session containing bills they do not like.   According to the WSJ, "Texas state House members voted 76-4 to send law enforcement to find and return absent Democrats "under warrant of arrest, if necessary."

However, the Texas State Senate has enough remaining Democrats to conduct legislative business. "A Democratic senator who spoke on condition of anonymity said four Democrats plan to remain in Texas. With 21 senators needed to make quorum, and 18 Republicans in the upper chamber, that would provide more than enough senators to conduct business." (link)

Kudos to the four Democrats who remained behind, allowing a quorum to form.  They truly understand how an honest democratic process is meant to work.

Image: Texas Democrats mauling “We Shall Overcome” (edited in Pixlr).  YouTube screen grab.

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