Sen. Rand Paul finally takes action regarding Anthony Fauci

Early last year, Anthony Fauci seemed like the calm, informed voice of reason regarding COVID.  Soon, though, intelligent people noticed he had to walk back everything he'd said earlier (and he flouted his own mask rules).  Fauci seemed to be all ego, no substance.  But since he positioned himself against Trump, the drive-by media love affair has continued unabated.  Now that we've learned Fauci knew that the virus originated in the Wuhan lab and that his illegal use of taxpayer money helped fund it, Fauci's getting nasty.  Leftists love that he's nasty; conservatives love that Sen. Rand Paul is coolly and calmly using facts to have Fauci treated as the corrupt man he really is.

If I read only mainstream news, 18 months after China's COVID assault on the world, I would accept that Fauci is the genius who saved us from both COVID and Trump.  I would ignore his flip-flops on masks, his many and varied lies about herd immunity, and his connivance with the Democrats to deprive Americans of early intervention with hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, both of which might have substantially reduced the mass die-off of American's elderly.  (By the way, that die-off has saved quite a lot of Social Security money, as well as state funds used on the elderly in Democrat-run states.)

Additionally, if I consumed only the drive-by media, I would believe that Fauci squashed Paul like a bug for daring to attack Fauci's credibility regarding gain-of-function research.  The Hill's coverage is representative (emphasis mine):

During a Senate Health Committee hearing about the federal COVID-19 response, Paul said the NIH funded illegal gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which created a highly dangerous and transmissible virus able to infect humans. Gain-of-function is a controversial method where researchers make a pathogen more infectious, often to develop more effective treatments and vaccines.

It's an unsubstantiated accusation Paul has made before, and one Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has denied.

These tweets also tell a pro-Fauci story:





Paul, incidentally, is a medical doctor who still practices, unlike Fauci, who was a doctor but is now purely an overpaid bureaucrat.

But as John Adams said, "facts are stubborn things," and the truth has a way of revealing itself.  There's nothing unsubstantiated about Paul's claims.

The truth is that Fauci lied when he denied the possibility that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute (a military research lab in Wuhan) and insisted it came from a wet market.  That was a self-interested lie, not just because the Chinese were helping Democrats ensure that Trump could not win the election, but also because it emerged that Fauci had a passion for gain-of-function research and used American taxpayer dollars in Wuhan to bypass American prohibitions on such research.

As Ace of Spades shows through a series of tweets, the receipts are on Paul's side:

As the second pair of tweets below shows, an MIT biologist as well as "the Bat Lady" herself says that Fauci's money did fund gain-of-function research at Wuhan.

Fauci insists that by his personal definition of gain-of-function — a definition shared by no one else in virology — this wasn't "gain-of-function."

He claims, after the fact, that the money was not used for gain-of-function, but everyone thought it did fund gain-of-function when it was being spent.

As well as in scientific papers describing the research.


Armed with the facts, Paul is slowly but steadily beginning the process of reducing Fauci's power and reputation.  Although he assumes that the Biden Department of Justice won't do anything, Paul sent a referral against Fauci to the DOJ.  As he explained to Fox News, it's a necessary first step in holding Fauci accountable:

"Well, I think it's important to know that Dr. Fauci has a self-interest in obscuring any relationship or responsibility for anything done in the Wuhan lab," Paul said. "Without question, the evidence we presented in committee yesterday shows that the NIH was funding research in Wuhan. We showed the exact numerical series of numbers that goes with the grant numbers. So yes, they were funding the Wuhan lab."

Paul also explained the definition of gain-of-function research as he did during Tuesday's Senate hearing.

"Without question, this is what happened in the Wuhan lab. We have a number of professors who have said so," he noted.


"Right now Fauci is getting away with this because no one is questioning him. He only goes on left-wing networks that give him easy questions like, 'Ha-ha-ha, isn't Rand Paul so out there?' That's the kind of questions he gets. Nobody asks him why isn't it gain of function research," Paul said.

I wish Paul the best of luck in forcing the truth out of Fauci.  This is what Republicans need to do with all the Democrats in government, whether the NIH, CDC, FBI, CIA, or any other alphabet organization.

Image: Fauci gets defensive.  Twitter screen grab.

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