If you had written Trump's comeback script

Let's go back to the day that President Trump left office and flew to Florida.  What if I had written a post titled: "What has to happen for President Trump to run in 2024?"

Let's start with gasoline prices.  I would have written that gasoline prices would have to dramatically increase as a consequence of President Biden pandering to environmental fanatics.

Well, check the gasoline prices in your state and compare today's bill with what you were paying in January.  I filled my tank in January for $24.  I just paid $36, and it's a small car.  Wonder what truck drivers are paying?

It won't let up this summer:

This month, the Energy Information Administration predicted gasoline would average $2.92 a gallon for the April-September summer driving season, up from $2.07 a gallon for the same period last year. For the full year, the EIA estimates regular gasoline will average $2.77 a gallon and U.S. households will spend $570 more on fuel than they did a year ago.

For consumers, higher gasoline prices are one element of an inflationary mix they’ve encountered as the economy recovers from the pandemic. Rising prices for commodities and materials have also boosted prices for such items as lumber, diapers, and meat and poultry.

Can you blame mom for saying that she misses Trump whenever she's pumping gas after grocery shopping?

Let's go to the border.  I would have written that President Biden's border decisions would reverse all the gains made under the Remain in Mexico policy.

Let's hear from Democrat Henry Cuellar from the Texas border:

"We need to address this as soon as possible," the Democrat said. "They have to show that they can stop some of the flow coming in, because if we look at the root problems, corruption, crime and all that, that's going to take years. But we have to show a way that we can slow down the number of people coming in from Central America."

Wonder why the GOP just won the mayor's race in McAllen, Texas?

Let's go to President Whisper.  I would have written in January that President Biden would start showing his age whenever he makes a public statement.  Then he would get really creepy by whispering to reporters.

Let's go to Iran.  I would have written that Iran would get more belligerent at the same time that the Biden administration wants to talk about reviving the deal.

There is more, but these four are very dangerous for President Biden.

To be honest, I thought about writing this post in January but did not think the Biden administration would do any of this so quickly.  Did anyone think we'd let 400,000 people into the country at a time that we are recovering from a pandemic?  Or that we would focus on climate change when a recovering economy needs cheap gas?

Why is President Trump in Texas or getting the band back together?  Read your front pages — that will answer the question.

Wish now I had written that post!

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Image: Gage Skidmore.

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