Can you say 'ivermectin' in the USA?

Ivory Hecker, an astute and brave local Fox reporter, interviewed Dr. Joseph Varon, despite Fox threatening her job if the unedited interview went live.  It's worth listening to in its entirety, but here's some of what it says.

It's certainly not the first time Dr. Varon's been interviewed.  He's talked with the media 1,640 times, including Hecker's interview.  The first 1,639 interviews were edited to exclude specific information about his successes in treating hospitalized COVID patients.

This doctor is certainly no quack.  He's chief of staff at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas.  He invented the MATH+ protocol for treatment, and his death rate has consistently been far less than half that of other hospitals, even a third compared to many.  Back in the beginning, when he was able to include hydroxychloroquine in his formula, his death rate was close to 4%, as opposed to around 20% in other hospitals.

Hecker interviewed several of his patients for the piece.  One, a urologist from a hospital on the other side of Texas, was airlifted (at his own request) to Dr. Varon.  He described how thankful he was to have gone from desperate and dying, with nearly no lung capacity, to healthy.  He was clearly robust, despite his COVID experience.  He says his improvement began "within hours" of starting the protocol.

Dr. Varon clearly states that "there's no reason for patients to die.  We have options, we just have to make those options available."

Hecker also speaks with Dr. Pierre Kory, who co-authored a peer-reviewed study on ivermectin with Dr. Varon.  He states without equivocation that, if patients receive ivermectin early in the course of the virus, ivermectin alone is effective as a treatment.  He testified in the Senate about it, too.

Most outlets blocked the video, except Fox.  Oddly, after a lot of views, Fox set the video to private, so nobody else could see it.  Another example of censorship occurred when Dr. Kory talked with Bret Weinstein, something Joe Rogan highlighted.

Dr. Varon states that "every time I use the word ivermectin [on Facebook], I go to Facebook jail."  Social media and news outlets in the U.S. have completely blacked out any mention of the drug.

The interview also shows what's happening in India, complete with a chart graphically demonstrating the stark difference in the states that use ivermectin versus the one, Tamil Nadu, that doesn't.  Where all the rest of the states have had cases plummet, Tamil Nadu's virus cases have continued to climb precipitously.  Dr. Varon, who hasn't taken a day off in the last year and a half, is teaming with India to help save lives there.

Hecker also interviews a weasel from the WHO, who discounts everything Varon is saying.

Finally, I don't want to imply that Dr. Varon is anti-vaccine.  He states clearly that he believes in the vaccine, but he also believes in life-saving treatment.

If you skip to 16:43 in the interview, you get to the crux of the matter.  Hecker explains there why was this information was omitted from 1,639 of the 1,640 interviews Varon has given.  It's simple: "If there was a successful treatment protocol for COVID, by law the emergency use authorization for the vaccines would be disallowed."

Think about that: to obtain emergency use authorization for the vaccine, there couldn't be an effective treatment for COVID.  This basically means the vaccine would have been delayed by more trials.  Or the rules could have been changed so that you could treat people effectively and allow the vaccine authorization.

I've questioned this lack of early treatment, and the denial of life-saving drugs, every time I've written on this subject.  (If you look at my archives on American Thinker, there are a good half-dozen articles going back to January about this.)  Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are old drugs, no longer on patent.  You can successfully treat people using them, in combination with other vitamins, etc., without breaking the bank.

What's been taken from all of us is the opportunity to make an informed choice.  These few facts would have changed the course of the pandemic.  Far fewer people would be dead.  Dread wouldn't hang over us.

If we'd had open discourse, perhaps fewer people, especially younger ones of childbearing age and below, would opt to become guinea pigs for a vaccine that's untried.  Although children don't get very sick from COVID, if parents knew there was a treatment should things go wrong, parents would think more before they vaccinated their kids, or kept schools closed, or masked them.  If we knew there were successful and economical treatments that made the virus less of a threat, many decisions could have been made differently.

Our unwieldy bureaucracy, and the financial interests of the few, left this giant roadblock in place.  Bluntly speaking, allowing so many to die unnecessarily is mass murder by bureaucratic incompetence and the desire for personal enrichment.

Image: Dr. Joseph Varon.  Bitchute screen grab.

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