First, do no harm!

It's time for us to demand some real, factual information about COVID and vaccines, and not let "officials" squirm out of it with the usual platitudes.  About half the population of the country is fully vaccinated, over 157 million people, and we still don't know enough about the vaccine's long-term effects.  The vaccines are still classified as experimental.  Yet as of the 15th of May, the FDA has authorized vaccinating 12- to 15-year-old kids.  The Biden administration wants to start jabbing every schoolchild, from kindergarten on.  Looking at the statistics, I want to know why that is because the vaccine seems to do more harm than good in that age group.

From what I can ferret out online, it's possible that more youth and young adults under the age of 39 have died or been permanently disabled from the vaccine than from COVID itself.  This is a startling thought.  It's hard to find actual statistics on the age of those who died or had "adverse" events after getting the jab, but there are some things to look at.

For one thing, 12 times as many youths have developed severe heart ailments in the last few months compared to the entire 20 years of flu vaccine.  About 195 million flu vaccine shots are given a year.  In 20 years, VAERS data tracking flu shot reactions of myo/pericarditis in youth and younger adults under 39 shows there have been a grand total of 105 cases.  In the last couple of months (we didn't vaccinate youths until recently), there have been 1,262 from the COVID jab.  An inflamed heart is a very serious condition.  It can lead to a heart attack or death.

There have been 6,895 VAERS-reported deaths from the vaccine (all age groups).  There have also been 775 miscarriages and 2,757 heart attacks, and 5,852 people have been disabled from the vaccine.  A lot of them are youths.  One of them, age 12, sat with her mother during emotional congressional testimony recently.  Yet this set of ever-escalating problems is always ignored or downplayed.

There's a warning given with VAERS data — that it's self-reporting, so, statistically, it misses the vast majority of occurrences, up to 90%.  No matter if this is an overestimate; we know for sure that there have been far more "adverse events" from this vaccine than what is reported, and more than from any vaccine, ever, in our history.

There have been fewer COVID deaths than were reported, too.  Hospitals had a field day attributing deaths to COVID for political and financial reasons.  This "fact check" article attempts to debunk the idea that hospitals made more on COVID patients; however, it fails, contradicting its own statements with actual data several times.

Two very liberal California counties, Alameda and Santa Clara, have analyzed and revised their COVID death counts.   Alameda revised its count down 25% in early June.  Santa Clara just released its revised results, showing a 22% reduction.  Santa Clara, you may recall, was ground zero for the first reported COVID case.

Out of 1,927,470 Santa Clara county residents, 1,696 people died from COVID.  That's about 0.09%.  Alameda County dropped its total to 1,223.  That's 0.07%, as its population is 1,656,754.

For me, the most important questions are about kids.  I have grandkids, which means when alarm bells go off in my head, I think of them first.

We know that 93% of all COVID deaths nationwide have occurred in those 55 and older.  The article I just linked lets you call up your own state.  California, for instance, has only an asterisk up to age 14 — meaning that there are an "insignificant" number (not that any death is insignificant) of deaths in that age category — under 10 deaths in each of the early age categories.  For reference, California has a total school population (public schools) of over 6 million kids.

In the entire country, to date, 324 COVID deaths have been reported in the under-17-year-old group.  There are more, but not that many, as ages rise.  Two thousand three hundred eighty in the 18- to 29-year-old group and 6,387 in the 30- to 39-year-old group.  Add those numbers up, and you get 9,091.  Keep in mind, these are unrefined numbers, meaning that the number could follow Alameda and Santa Clara County stats and be reduced, with analysis, by 22–25%.  So just to put this in plain English, fewer than 10,000 of the COVID deaths in this country have been in people under age 39.

If 9,091 people under the age of 39 died of COVID in 18 months, that's about 500 a month, throughout the entire 320 million population of the country.  Compare that to 6,895 VAERS reported deaths and 5,852 serious injuries (again, this is all ages, but that's all I can find) from the vaccine in six months.  Under these circumstances, it seems highly illogical to vaccinate children before sending them to school.

Image: CDC on Unsplash.

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