Doubling down on stupid is lethal

"If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." —Will Rogers

The ventriloquist who speaks through Biden is about to dictate that all government employees must be vaccinated for COVID.  This despite dire warnings about the vaccines, most of which warnings have, of course, been censored and disregarded.  Here in California, we're re-entering the mask-up phase, including the declaration that all the kids need to wear one full-time in school in the fall.  They've already been pushing for everyone over the age of 12 to be vaccinated, and the government and media (social and otherwise) are suppressing information on adverse reactions and deaths.  In my mind, there can only be nefarious intent in these proclamations.

If you do only one thing for your own well-being today, whether you've been vaccinated or not, take the time to listen to part one of this interview with Dr. Robert Malone, and then find part two on Rumble and listen to it as well.  It could be the most important 20 minutes of your life.

In the videos I linked above, immunologist Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccines, and staunch vaccine proponent, says the vaccine is making getting the virus more dangerous.  That, as the least potent of the jabs, the Pfizer shot, wanes in efficacy, something called antibody-dependent enhancement takes place.  This is happening now — which is why Pfizer announced a couple of weeks ago that boosters would be needed after six months, only to be shut down by Fauci.  This is also why the government is panicking and asking vaccinated people to wear (ineffective) masks again and, apparently, backtracking and saying that the elderly and immune-compromised do need the boosters if they had the Pfizer vaccine.

Dr. Malone says every single coronavirus vaccine they've tried has had the same problem.  That as the vaccine's effectiveness wanes, the virus replicates more efficiently.  He also baldly states that the people getting the delta variant are the vaccinated, not the rest of us, contrary to what's being stated by the MSM.  He states that our paternalistic government is heavily invested in the "noble lie" that vaccination is in "the best interest of the public" and that is why they've suppressed all information to the contrary.

Fauci just declared that nasal titers of the virus are the same in the vaccinated and unvaccinated, puzzling everyone.  What does this mean?  Dr. Malone says it's a poor indicator of anything, and blood titers should be studied.  He says, basically, that simply comparing the blood titers of viral load in a goodly sampling of ill, vaccinated, and unvaccinated patients would show that the load is much higher in the vaccinated, proving that antibody-dependent enhancement is occurring.  To prove him true, that must be done, and of course, the government doesn't want to do it.  It would rather obfuscate.

There was no discussion in the interview of this occurring with the other two vaccines, Moderna and J&J, but the implication is that the same thing will occur; it will just take longer.  I also wished that the question of whether it would be wiser for the vaccinated to get a booster or just try to get through the "long, slow" process of the vaccine effectiveness waning.  Would they then be back to the same state as those of us who didn't get the jab?

Steve Bannon, the interviewer, asked a final question in part one: basically, what would Dr. Malone recommend be done for us all?  His answer was to use the currently suppressed treatments that are effective, such as ivermectin.

Here's a chart of delta variant cases in India.  If you remember, I wrote about an interview with Dr. Joseph Varon early in July.  He's the guy who has helped India achieve the startling diminution of cases of delta, with his successful, ivermectin-based treatment protocol.  But of course, that's cheap, easy, and effective, and would make people far less likely to take the dangerous vaccine.

It might also make the families of those who have died, after being told to "go to the hospital if you get too sick to stay home," pretty angry.  Of the 600,000-plus who have succumbed to COVID, how many might have been saved?  I'm guessing, conservatively, at least half.

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