Donald's trumpet

It was written in Joshua 23:10: "One man of you shall chase a thousand: for the Lord your God, he it is that fighteth for you, as he hath promised you." 

Think Donald Trump!  Is he not still the political Joshua of our time?  His agenda that rights and restores our classic American ideas and values remains undiluted.  He has been blessed with numerous and tremendous talents which he uses with artful bluntness and biblical cunning.  He is classically heroic, as was Joshua with his trumpets and the ark in tow around Jericho's walls.  Trump this next time around has the lay of the land. 

While Trump made seeming missteps early on, he recovered and succeeded with such panache that the left had to dispatch its army of thugs into big cities, cancel him, and steer the societal impact of COVID-19 in order to cheat Trump out of a second term.  Donald Trump climbed a steep learning curve, but he learned quickly.  We watched Trump's agenda roll forward with tax cuts, regulation cuts, vaccine fast-tracking, a nearly finished border wall, and the Abraham Accords.  The important lesson for Americans was our real-time witnessing that government introduces exponentially more friction (read: "sand") into the wheels of industry, commerce, and comity, both public and private.  Mix in leftist perfidy, and government becomes grinding and toxic.  Consider Communist China's bureaucracies.  There's a reason China has to steal our intellectual/creative capital — except when they buy Hunter Biden watercolors.

The left had to stop Trump from blowing his trumpet before their sacred Marxist edifices tumble.  I submit that the left is panicking.  Leftists' edifices are aged, hollow movie sets.  Trump forced them to resort to a fear-mongering narrative of violent white supremacy and the relentless shaming that is Critical Race Theory.  The left's full-on assault reveals that they know that time is not on their side.  How else to explain the wholesale, just-in-time political trafficking of southern border aliens to all points across the land in the dead of night, and now possibly a CDC federal mask mandate for already vaccinated people?

One hundred sixty thousand vax passport protesters showed up in Paris just this last week.  To use the vernacular, people are not digging this sort of government-in-your-face stuff. 

More and more Americans recognize the left's playbook, which reeks of disorder and chaos.  People innately don't like disorder.  CRT brims with mixed messaging.  Nobody knows what his correct thinking should be or when he might have to issue some absurd apology or lose his job.  That's disorder.  Americans of all stripes and hues are truly tired of disorder and tiptoeing on leftist eggs. 

Down deep, we can imagine a Chinese communist future.  Will a dismal social credit score decide what we are allowed to do and not do?  If things get bad enough will our hearts fail us?  Will we cave under severe institutional threats?  Will we be essentially Uighurized?

I am not discounting the specter of election fraud, but I don't live in a dreaded disorder of the future.  Take the Old Testament view — as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and vigorously back Trump, his midterm endorsees, and the Trump agenda.  Like Joshua, Trump is one man who a sizable and growing red-pilled majority believe can successfully chase thousands.

Spruce Fontaine is an artist and retired college art instructor.

Image: pcstratman.

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